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Virgin Mobile traffic management policy

What is traffic management?

Traffic management is typically used in networks to lower the speeds of a minority of heavy users to ensure that it doesn’t impact the experience of everyone.

Do Virgin Mobile use traffic management?

Customers on 4G and 5G capable plans are not subjected to any traffic management policies.

See our Key Facts Indicator document for more details.

What speeds can I get on 4G?

Currently you'll be able to get up to 85Mbps download and 35Mbps upload.

On average you can expect to get around 37Mbps download and 13Mbps upload on our 4G network.

What speeds can I get on 5G?

With modern handsets and good 5G coverage, you can expect to get up to 303Mbps download and 47Mbps upload, as 5G technology evolves higher speeds will become possible.

On average you can expect to get around 177Mbps download and 23Mbps upload on our 5G network.

What might cause me not to get these speeds?

It may not always be possible to achieve these speeds.

Mobile data is delivered over the air, and as such is subject to line-of-sight considerations, such as buildings, trees, even the weather. Mobile data speeds depend on what device you’re using and how close you are to a 4G or 5G mast, congestion of cell towers can also play a factor.

Do I get full speed if I consume my entire data allowance?

Yes, if you use up your monthly data allowance you'll continue to get full speed data, but will be subject to data add-on costs or out-of-bundle charges.

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