Billing and payment for Oomph bundles

Learn all you need to know about keeping on top of your Virgin Media Oomph bundle bills and payments.

What is an Oomph bundle?

Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can upgrade your current Virgin Media bundle to an Oomph bundle. This combines faster speeds for your fibre broadband with a superfast Virgin Mobile SIM.

Oomph bundles also come with our promise to keep you connected - we'll add Truly Unlimited data to all SIMs on your account if your broadband goes down.

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How will I get billed for my Oomph bundle?

You’ll receive two bills from us altogether for your Oomph bundle:

  • Virgin Media bill - this will cover the Oomph bundle package cost and your new Oomph SIM.
  • Virgin Mobile bill – this will cover any out of allowance mobile charges.

Your Virgin Media bill will include charges for:

  • Entire Oomph bundle price for your broadband, TV, phone and mobile SIM, including media and Oomph discounts
  • For existing Virgin Media customers switching to an Oomph bundle, any bill adjustments following package change
  • Virgin TV usage charges (e.g., video on demand)

Your Virgin Mobile bill will include charges for:

  • Zero-rated Oomph plan
  • Out-of-allowance charges not included in your airtime plan (e.g., calls to premium numbers)
  • Any optional mobile add-ons
  • Additional mobile services

Get help understanding your bill.

Since you’ll be getting two bills as an Oomph customer, you may see two Direct Debit payments leaving your account – one for Virgin Media and one for Virgin Mobile.

How to view my Oomph bundle payment

The easiest way to view your bills and manage payments is online.

How to make a change to my Oomph bundle?

Making changes to your Oomph bindle is easy. Find out how below.

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