Why is my Virgin Media bill higher than normal?

Last updated: July 25, 2018

When you join Virgin Media, or agree to a new bundle, we send your confirmation of the agreed price for your services with us in your contract. We’ll also detail the price for your services each month on your bill.

Sometimes you may notice that the monthly price for your services has changed. To understand why this may have happened, we’ve listed the reasons you may see a change below.

For help in understanding your bill, please see our Bill Explainer.

Stay up to date with your account balance by checking your charges and usage via My Virgin Media. See Managing your Broadband, TV and Phone account with My Virgin Media for more details.

When you join us, or when you agree to a new bundle, we may give you a promotional or special offer that reduces your monthly bundle price for a period of time.  We show this price reduction on your contract and on your monthly bills. Once your offer ends, your bundle price will increase automatically to the normal monthly price for your services.

Any promotional or special offers you receive will show under the ‘Promotional offers’ section of your bill, and will show the date your offer is due to end. If the discount is no longer showing there, this means the offer has come to an end.

If you want to understand what bundle options are now available for your services see Changing your Broadband, TV and Phone services.

If you’ve recently changed your services, you’ll notice that your next bill will include an adjustment, which is shown in the ‘Last month changes’ section.

This is shown because we bill for your services in advance, so when a change is made we bill from the day the change took effect to the end of your advance billing period.

The individual services you’ve changed will be listed on the bill together with the overall adjustment charge and / or credit. These will only appear once and next month your bill will go back to normal - as long as you don't make any more changes.

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