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Why are Virgin Media Services subject to survey?

Last updated: June 18, 2018

Did you know that when you ask us for Virgin Media services, we do lots of checks before we install our services in your home?

When you order

When you order your services, the first check we do is to see if your address is in a Virgin Media area and we’ve laid our cables in your street.

Sometimes, your home may be in a Virgin Media area, but we may not know for certain that your home or your street has our network installed.  If this is the case, we may say that we need to send out someone to check before we can proceed with your order.

If we know you’re in a Virgin Media area and your street has our network installed, you’ll be able to place an order for services.

After you’ve ordered

Once your order is placed, if your home hasn’t ever been connected to our network before, then we will come out before you chosen installation date to check all is in hand to install. This is why we have a 2 week lead time for all brand new installs as we need to allow time to come and do a detailed site survey.

If your home has been connected to our network before we don’t normally come out before the install date, so if you can see something that may prevent us from installing, it would be great if you can let us know.

Delays in installing your services

Our network runs in ducts under the street, so we need to be able to access these to provide service.

Sometimes during the detailed site survey, or on the day of installation, we’ll come across issues installing our services to your home. Below are some of the common issues that may mean we have to delay your installation.

Problems accessing our network

There may be times when we’re unable to access our ducts and cables under the street.

We want to keep disruption to a minimum for local residents so work closely with the LA to coordinate our work. 

Another common issue is where we’ve found that a car or van has parked over a manhole or access cover we need to use to install cables to your home. If we’re unable to find the owner of the car or van so that it can be moved, we may not be able to install the services on the day we agreed.


If our ducts and cables have become blocked then we may not be able to install on the day we originally agreed.

When there is a blockage in our ducts then we need to clear it. Sometimes we may find a break in our cables we use to connect you to our network, so this would also need to be fixed in advance too.

Virgin Media and our contractors comply with all necessary local and national regulations on streetworks.  This means we may not be allowed to dig up the carriageway or pavements which has been resurfaced recently.  

We’ll always try and fix any issues to our network, and let you know how long we expect this to take.

Sometimes the works required is not financially viable. For instance, if it means digging up a large area or if our network crosses a major road, or if we’d need to remove a structure that had been built over our network. In this instance we may not be able to provide you with our services, and we’d need to cancel your installation, but we will always let you know if this happens.

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