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How do I manage my Virgin Media Direct Debit?

How do I pay for my Virgin Media service by Direct Debit?

Paying by Direct Debit is the easiest and most hassle-free way to pay for your Virgin Media services. It's really easy to set up too.

You can set up a Direct Debit and manage your account online by registering or signing in to My Virgin Media and heading to My Bills. Alternatively, you can download the My Virgin Media app and set up a new Direct Debit from the palm of your hand.

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Find out more about our My Virgin Media app

We’ll send you a bill every month, a minimum of 5 working days before we request the payment from your bank account. This should give you enough time to check that you’re happy with your bill before the payment is taken.

We’ll collect your Direct Debit payment from your bank account on or immediately after the date shown on the front page of your bill.

If you view your bills online, the date the payment will be collected is also shown in the email notification we send you each month letting you know your bill is ready to view.

To view your Direct Debit details online:

1. Register or sign in to My Virgin Media at

2. Click on My Bills

3. Select the Overview tab

4. Under Latest Bill the Due by date will tell you when we’ll collect the bill amount from your bank account.

If you’re an Oomph bundle customer, your Direct Debit payment for any out of plan charges you have on your mobile will be collected separately by Virgin Mobile. To see these charges, log into your My Account.



If you’ve chosen to follow the Bank Account Switching Process at your new bank, we will automatically be notified of your new details and you will be sent a confirmation letter within three working days.

If your bank details change and you’re not following the Bank Switching Process, you can let us know online:

1. Register or sign in to My Virgin Media at

2. Click on the My Bills

3. Select the Overview tab

4. In the Your Direct Debit area, click Change Payment Method

5. Click Change Direct Debit details

If you haven’t registered for My Virgin Media or can't remember your details, see Managing your Broadband, TV and Phone account with My Virgin Media.

If you’re an Oomph customer and you want to change to your Direct Debit for your mobile out of plan charges, sign in to Your Account.



If you want to update your details, you need to wait until your current bill has been paid in full (and before we generate your next bill) to make any changes.

It takes a few days for our systems to create and process your direct debit payment which is why you can only change your details during this window.

Once your Direct Debit payment has been collected you’ll be able to make any change you need.

If you think the charges on your bill are incorrect it’s important to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your account. You can contact us here. It’s very rare for a mistake to be made with a Direct Debit payment, and we should never take a payment for more than is shown on your bill or before the date quoted on your bill.

If you believe a mistake has been made – don’t worry, you are fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


You might find that you’re going to have difficulty keeping up with your Virgin Media payments if your circumstances have changed. Take a look at our article below to understand what options are available.

Help with paying my bills

As we offer many different products with different contract terms you could have more than one Direct Debit with us. We know this can get confusing. You may also have multiple mobile contracts.

The instructions for each can vary, so here’s a handy table to remind you which is which.


Reference format

Reference example

Bank Statement Narrative

Broadband, TV,  home phone

Oomph bundle (Monthly charges)

12 numeric digits



Virgin Media Pymts

Mobile phone services


FA + 8 numeric digits

DD + 8 numeric digits



Virgin Mobile

Mobile phone services - Oomph bundle (out of allowance Charges)

FA + 8 numeric digits




Virgin Mobile

Mobile handset loan

CCA + 9 numeric digits


Virgin Media


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