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Virgin Media Internet Security FAQs

How do I renew my Virgin Media Internet Security subscription?

If you’ve installed Virgin Media Internet Security and have been notified that your subscription is due to end, you can continue to use Virgin Media Internet Security by renewing your subscription.

To renew sign into your My Virgin Media account.

For help on how to renew your subscription, visit the F-Secure Community site here and follow the step by step instructions.

How do I move a Virgin Media Internet Security subscription to another device?

Install Virgin Media Internet Security by visiting on the device you’d like to protect.

If you want to transfer to another device, be it a PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet, uninstall from the previous one and re-install on the new device. You can do this by logging in to F-Secure SAFE and selecting the relevant download.

If you have reached your maximum of licenses your subscription allows you to install on you will need to purchase another license.

If you attempt to install on more devices than your quota you will be asked which of your already registered devices you wish to remove your Virgin Media Internet Security licence from before allowing you to register your new device.

You can easily check how many devices you have security running on when you log into your My F-Secure Portal.

I’ve forgotten my F-Secure SAFE Parental control password

When you activate Parental Controls you will be asked to choose a security code. If you forget this security code then go into Parental Controls and click on I have forgotten my security code. You will then receive an email containing a reset link. Click on the link and reset your security code.

How did I still get a virus when I’m using Virgin Media Internet Security?

No anti-virus software can guarantee to be 100% effective against all future viruses. To make sure you are protected you need to be careful and use a combination of anti-virus, anti-spyware and a firewall, and take care on the internet. We recommend that you apply all software updates to your Operating System (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android) and continue to be careful when online, especially with regard to emails with attachments from people you don't know.

If you are unable to resolve an issue with Virgin Media Internet Security yourself, please contact F-Secure support on 020 3936 3621.

Is Virgin Media Internet Security stopping me from connecting to the Internet?

If you are having issues accessing some websites, this could be due to your parental control settings. If you open up Virgin Media Internet Security on your device you can go to Settings and then adjust your Parental Control settings accordingly. Please note, you will need to have your F Secure SAFE Parental Control password to hand.

Is Virgin Media Internet Security slowing my computer or smart-device down?

Virgin Media Internet Security uses the latest DeepGuard technology to keep you pro-actively protected against all the latest threats using minimal system resources. As a result you will experience very minimal impact on your systems performance.

However, if you’re experiencing slow performance while using Virgin Media Internet Security you should make sure your computer or device meets the minimum system requirements, or ideally the recommended specification. For more detail check, the system requirements section of How to install or uninstall Virgin Media Internet Security?.

Virgin Media Internet Security carries out many tests and scans on data going in and out of your computer, and the short time added in order to do this is worth it in order to keep your computer safe.
If you are still having trouble connecting to certain websites or the internet, please contact F-Secure Support directly on 020 3936 3621.

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