Help with Virgin TV and TV box issues

Is your Virgin TV not working as it should, or is there something wrong with the TV box? Tap the option you need below to get things fixed – or read our handy FAQs.

Fixing problems with Virgin TV or the TV box

If you’re experiencing a fault with Virgin TV or the TV, don’t worry, we’ll be able to help. Either tap the option above that best describes the issue or read our FAQs below.

If there isn’t an error code displayed, the best thing to do is tap the Virgin TV isn’t working option above. That way we can run a test on your TV services and help with a fix. If that doesn’t work you can chat to one of our team, or if you need one, book a technician.

Top tips to help with most Virgin TV issues:

  • Check the batteries in the Virgin TV remote, making sure they’ve been correctly positioned and that they’re fully charged.
  • Make sure your TV is on the correct source input channel. You can check this by going through each source input using your TV’s remote. Alternatively, check your TV’s HDMI ports and confirm which one the TV box’s HDMI cable is plugged in to.
  • Check all the cables coming into and out of the TV box, making sure they’re plugged in firmly at both ends. If you have our broadband services, this includes checking the white cables of the splitter box, too.

If you're unable to check any of the above, ask someone you trust, like a friend, family member or carer, to help.


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