Why is my Stream box buffering?

If you’re trying to watch something through the Stream box and you find that your film or TV show loads slowly or buffers, then you’ll likely be experiencing a weak or unstable broadband connection.

Tips on how to fix buffering issues when using Stream

Make sure the Hub or router is in the best location in your home, so it can send its WiFi signal all over the house. Picking a central location usually works best. Cabinets and thick walls can block and slow your WiFi. Make sure it’s stood upright and out in the open, without blocking the vents and away from anything hot.

Having multiple devices online at once can slow things down. Reducing the number of devices using your connection should help speed up streaming.

Pause data heavy activities for a while, as things like online gaming or downloading and uploading massive file can cause buffering.

If you’re experiencing issues when using WiFi, try switching to a wired connection for a stronger, more stable connection. Just plug the Ethernet cable included in your Stream kit directly to the back of the Hub or router.

Check if you’re streaming in a room the WiFi struggles to reach. Using powerline adaptors can help. Alternatively, if you’re a Virgin Fibre (on M50 or above) you may be eligible to get our WiFi Pods through our super-smart WiFi Max service.

If you’ve got Virgin Fibre head to our broadband help pages to check for area issues, test your connection and check out your broadband speed. If you’re not with us, contact your internet service supplier for broadband connection help and advice.

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