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Virgin Media offers some of its broadband speeds as broadband only packages. Now you can get the best broadband deals without paying for TV or a phone line.


Find our best broadband only deals

Whether you watch TV in 4K, make video calls for work or have a family of hardcore gamers, we have a broadband only package perfectly suited to you.










What are broadband only deals?

Broadband only deals are packages that only include internet services. This means that it comes without the other services such as landline, line rental costs and any other add-ons such as TV. A broadband only package is great if you prefer using your mobile to make calls as opposed to landline, and if you don’t wish to bunde up your package with TV.

What is the best Virgin Media broadband only deal for me?

The best broadband only deal for you depends on a few factors such as: what internet speed and average speed you require for your household especially during peak times. So if you’re someone who has a household filled with streamers and gamers, then you’re going to want to pick a broadband only package which has the speed capabilities to meet those demands. On the other hand, if you’re going to watch most of your entertainment from your TV, then you might require less speed with your broadband only package. Whatever your needs are, we are sure to have a broadband only package to fit your households needs.

What are the benefits of broadband only deals?

A broadband only deal has plenty of benefits. Firstly, it gives you flexibility: if you purchase one of our broadband only deals, you can always add landline or TV extras to your package further down the line. In addition to being flexible, broadband only packages can be better value, as you’re only paying for the services you want. As more households rely on mobile phones for communication and online streaming services for entertainment, paying for a phone line and a TV package might not make a huge amount of sense. Broadband only packages are perfectly suited for those who are big on surfing the web but are not necessarily heavy phone or TV users. So if you want superfast broadband in your home, but don’t need landline or TV added, then our broadband only deals are the way to go

Our broadband only deal speed options

We've got more information around what our speeds mean, and what you can do with them around your home, so you can get the best one to match your needs.

Need something else?

We also offer our broadband packages with a phone line if that's something you're after. Also, if you want a real boost to your broadband performance, we've launched our Gig1 service in loads of cities across the country.

Broadband and phone

Broadband and phone

Stay connected with superfast fibre and calls, now with Intelligent WiFi.

From £27 a month
18 month contract
£35 setup fee applies

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Broadband, TV and phone

Broadband, TV and phone

Enjoy superfast broadband, hundreds of top channels and your favourite streaming services.

From £29.99 a month
18 month contract
£0 setup fee applies

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Get more done online, with a high speed broadband only deal

At Virgin Media, we think our broadband is sure to impress, with speeds that allow you to get the most out of your internet experience.

When could a bundle be a better option for you?

While we think broadband only deals are fantastic for some households, there can be times when getting one is simply not right for you. The obvious issue is not having a dedicated landline as standard in your package, which might not be suitable for those who still regularly use a home phone. There’s also the issue of having multiple bills from your various services - which can be an annoyance for some households. Finally, it can often be better value to go with a bundled package, meaning you get more options and more services - making your money go further. Luckily with our broadband only deals, you’ll always have the option to add landline and TV to your package further down the line, so if you wish to switch to one of our landline or TV bundles to get the best value, we’ll be on hand to help find the package that works for you. If you think that sounds like the best option, then check out what fantastic bundle deals we have on offer.

Can you get broadband without a landline?

Yes, at Virgin Media we don’t need to run your broadband through a landline. We deliver our broadband via a dedicated cable, so there is no need for a phone line when installing our broadband.This means you can enjoy our superfast broadband without the need to have it connected to your landline, allowing you to get a true broadband only package with us. Please use our postcode checker to find out if your area is covered by our services.


The legal stuff

New customers only. SERVICES ONLY AVAILABLE IN VIRGIN MEDIA NETWORK AREAS. Subject to survey, network capacity and credit check. A minimum period applies to the services, please check basket for details.

What is a minimum period? **When you take any services from us you will be committing to taking that service for a minimum amount of time (e.g. 18 months). We call this a minimum period, minimum term or minimum commitment period but they mean the same thing. Please check your basket for details of the minimum period that applies to the services you have chosen.

What if I cancel or move home? If you cancel during the minimum period, you may need to pay an early disconnection fee, including when you move to a property outside of the Virgin Media Network area – this is because you will be asking to cancel your services early. The Virgin Media network does not cover all of the UK – please use our post code checker here to check availability. You can find more details on the early disconnection fee and process by visiting the Legal Stuff section of the website here. For the full terms and conditions please click here.