Am I eligible for Automatic Compensation?

We’re proud of our award winning service, including our free service and repairs.

But, we know that sometimes things can go wrong, so it’s only right that we make amends.

We’ve worked with both other broadband providers and Ofcom, to make sure that our Automatic Compensation scheme offers fair and consistent compensation for our customers who experience a qualifying service issue.

We’ll automatically credit your bill for fixed phone line and broadband issues, no matter if you’re a new or existing customer. Here’s how much we’ll credit you for the following service issues:

  • £9.33 per day for a total loss of service after 2 full working days from registering the loss of service to us
  • £5.83 per day if we don’t install your services on the promised day until installation’s completed
  • £29.15 if we don’t turn up on the promised day of an appointment

External appointments that do not require you to be at home are not included within the scheme for missed appointment payments.

What do you need to do? Actually, very little!

Other than reporting a total loss of service to us if this is your issue, you won’t need to lift a finger to report either delayed installs or a missed appointment.

Find out more about when you may be eligible and how to register for our Automatic Compensation scheme.

Total loss of broadband or phone service

Your broadband or fixed phone line aren’t working at all?

Check to see if there’s an outage in your area on our handy service checker. You can report the issue to us by registering it online or alternatively, calling us. If we haven’t fixed the fault within 48 hours from the end of that day, you will be entitled to £9.33 credit per day until it’s sorted.

Once you’ve reported the issue to us and service has been fully restored, any credit owed will be automatically calculated and applied to your bill – so there’s no need to call us to credit you.

Installation date is delayed

For any delayed installation, we’ll automatically calculate what you’re owed and apply it to your bill, without you having to do a thing!

  1. If you’ve arranged a self-install via our QuickStart service, we’ll treat delivery of your kit as the installation date. If for any reason you experience you can’t get any service once you’ve received the kit, chat to us online or give our friendly team a call on 150 from your Virgin Media home phone or on 0345 454 1111* from any phone to register a loss of service issue.

As with any total loss of service, if we’re not able to resolve the problem within 2 full working days from you contacting us, we’ll automatically credit your bill with one payment (at £9.33 per day for how many days the issue lasted after the first 2 days) until once it’s fixed.

  1. If you require an engineer installation, we’ll arrange the most convenient date. If at the point of placing your order, we’re aware of any additional engineering work required in order to provide the service – such as the premises to our network, it may require third party permissions or permits outside of our control. In which case, we’ll provide a provisional activation date, but we may need to contact you to let you know if we need to confirm a different install date. If we have to change a provisional activation date, this will not trigger a credit under the scheme.

If we don’t install on any confirmed date we’ll automatically credit your bill with one payment (at £5.83 per day for how many days the issue lasted) once it’s fixed, providing you’re eligible.

We’ve missed your appointment

If we promised to be with you on a particular day and we don’t turn up that day, or cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, we’ll automatically apply a £29.15 credit to your bill.

Worth remembering, we also try to give you an idea of the time our engineer will visit. We try our best to meet our appointment times, but these are for guidance, although we’ll always try to get in touch if something unforeseeable stops us. If we arrive outside of these guidance times, this will not trigger compensation if we do arrive during that day.

We also need someone over 18 to be in. Naturally there are a few exceptions and rules around these scenarios. For more details and information on what you’re entitled to, visit our Terms and Conditions page.


*Call costs may vary.

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