How much do my Virgin Media landline calls cost?

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What's included in my landline costs?

When you choose a bundle with us that includes a landline, you’ll get some calls for free from your Virgin Media home phone. What you’ll get exactly depends on what plan you pick.

Upgrade your Talk Plan for an extra monthly charge, and you’ll get unlimited calls to certain numbers or during times not covered by our regular plan. Our Talk Plans cover international calls, calls during the evening and weekend, and much more.

Or, check out our Talk Add-ons and get great discounts on calls for as little as £2 extra a month.

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Free / unlimited calls

We have a selection of landline Talk Plans for you to choose from, so you can pick the one that offers the sort of unlimited calling that best suit you.

With our landline standard package, you’ll get inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines.

You can also get inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and UK mobile numbers.

Enjoy inclusive calls to UK landlines and UK mobile numbers at any time of the day.

Get all the benefits of Anytime chatter, on top of inclusive minutes for international calls to mobiles & landlines in 50 countries.”

With our landline and broadband bundles, you’ll get great broadband speeds, as well as Weekend chatter as standard. Weekend chatter gives you inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines.

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How much do calls cost outside of my bundle?

Check out our everyday call charges to find out how much calls that fall outside of your bundle cost to make.

What are the costs of calling service numbers

Service numbers starting with 084, 087, 09 & 118 won’t be covered by your bundle and will cost you extra to call. When you call these numbers, you’ll generally need to pay an additional charge set by service or company you are calling (known as a service charge), as well as the cost of connecting the call (known as an access charge).

Generally, these kinds of premium numbers will be used for things like TV show voting or paid-for services like directory enquiries. However, some banks and government departments might use these kinds of numbers as well.

The access charge is what we charge you per minute for connecting the call. Check out our call costs.

The service charge is set by the organisation you are calling – and is paid to them. Any organisation using a service number must clearly display the charge whenever they advertise or promote the number.

Cost of calls from landline to mobile

Calls to UK mobiles cost 24p per minute. Check out our mobile call costs.

Do you find you call a lot of mobile numbers and want to reduce your bill? Why not upgrade to our Evening & weekend chatter package – it’ll give you inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK mobile numbers. Or, if you don’t want to limit yourself to the weekends, why not upgrade to Anytime chatter – get inclusive calls to UK mobile numbers at any time of the day.

Check out our landline packages.

Cost of overseas phone calls / cost of international calls from landline

Calling overseas will cost you extra – how much you pay will depend on where you are calling. Check out our call rates for more information. Do you have family or friends overseas and find yourself calling abroad a lot? Why not upgrade to our International anytime chatter to get inclusive calls abroad, any time of the day. Check out our landline packages. Alternatively, get our Talk International £2 Add On and get low international call rates from 10p per minute to landline or mobile numbers in your chosen destination.

Incorrect charges on landline bill

Want to check on any charges you’ve received on your landline? You can view your bill online. If you feel we have overcharged you, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to go over your bill. If you’ve received a service charge that wasn’t clearly advertised and you feel it was unfair, head to the PSA website. They are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill, and can help if you’ve been charged for any phone-paid service without your consent.