M200 Fibre Broadband

Experience life in the internet fast lane with M200 Fibre Broadband. Enjoy quicker downloads and extra broadband power for your video calls, TV watching and gaming. Now with no setup fee!

What is M200 Fibre Broadband?

Staying connected has never been more important, and with Virgin Media M200 Fibre Broadband, you can do just that. Tap into seamless video calling, download video and music faster than ever, and stream all the HD TV shows you want. And all with the latest cable technology, for a quicker and more trustworthy connection.

Leave no browser behind

If you have screens and devices scattered around the house, an M200 Fibre Broadband connection could be just your speed. Ultrafast broadband lets everyone download large files, get on video calls and keep up with online gaming, all at the same time. No fuss, just a whopping average download speed of 213Mbps (20x faster than the UK average for broadband.)

No buffering, more episodes

You don’t have to worry about your TV streams failing you, even in 4K. Just decide what to watch next and let Virgin Media's superfast fibre broadband take you where you want to go.

Choose your deal

With M200 Fibre Broadband, you’ll see an average download speed of 213Mbps with average upload speeds of 20Mbps – that’s our promise. Speed’s a given but if you want to grab a more rounded deal with one of our broadband bundles, you can opt for extras with a phone package and decide how many channels you might fancy with a Virgin TV package.





Get it all done faster online

Our M200 Fibre Broadband will hook up all your devices and keep you chatting, working and viewing. With up to 213Mbps, you should have enough added speed to make sure your streams or games are not interrupted. See how Virgin Media’s fast fibre broadband stacks up overall against the competition.

M200 fibre broadband is not the only superfast option…

With Virgin Media broadband you can do more in all areas of your home without having to worry about internet black spots. If you want to go faster than M200 Fibre Broadband, we have options that can get you right up to Gigabit speed.

The legal stuff

New customers only. SERVICES ONLY AVAILABLE IN VIRGIN MEDIA NETWORK AREAS. Subject to survey, network capacity and credit check. A minimum period applies to the services, please check basket for details.

What is a minimum period? **When you take any services from us you will be committing to taking that service for a minimum amount of time (e.g. 18 months). We call this a minimum period, minimum term or minimum commitment period but they mean the same thing. Please check your basket for details of the minimum period that applies to the services you have chosen.

What if I cancel or move home? If you cancel during the minimum period, you may need to pay an early disconnection fee, including when you move to a property outside of the Virgin Media Network area – this is because you will be asking to cancel your services early. The Virgin Media network does not cover all of the UK – please use our post code checker here to check availability. You can find more details on the early disconnection fee and process by visiting the Legal Stuff section of the website here. For the full terms and conditions please click here.