How to install Virgin Media broadband

The beauty of using a QuickStart self-install kit for no extra cost is that it’s fast, easy and can save you making a £30 installation appointment.

What to expect with broadband installation

QuickStart means you can plug the kit straight in, with no drilling or technical know-how needed. Just choose QuickStart when you order, then use what comes in the box to set up your chosen services in your own home.

What’s in the QuickStart box?

Everything you need for the service you’ve picked.

  • Kit – The new WiFi Hub, perhaps a TV box and phone cable as well.
  • Cables – Often just six (connectors/powerlines), all labelled with what plugs where.
  • Guides – Easy to follow on the Connect app or online. Get up and running quickly with our clear how-to guides or help videos.

For help tracking your order, contacting the courier or rescheduling your delivery, see our help guide. When you’ve got your QuickStart kit, we’ll activate your account and you can start installing your Virgin Media.

How long will the QuickStart installation take me?

  • WiFi Hub - 30 mins
  • Phone line - 5 mins
  • TV box - 15 mins

Or you may be quicker than average!

You won’t be involved the whole time. You’ll leave the Hub alone for 10 minutes and the TV 360 box for 5 minutes, while they’re sorting themselves out. So, a 50 minute broadband, TV and phone install should really take you just 10 to 20 minutes to plug in.


Delivery of your QuickStart installation pack

At checkout, choose how, when and where you’d like the kit delivered. No extra cost.

Delivery via Yodel

Have the box sent home, to your workplace or to any UK address where an adult’s ready to sign for it. If you prefer we can deliver the kit to your chosen Yodel store.

Is your home set up for QuickStart?

Check your postcode, and we’ll find out for you. If QuickStart is available to you, make sure that your wall socket doesn’t need a technician. If it’s securely fixed to the wall, within 3 metres of the TV box and WiFi Hub, and you can see its silver connectors, then your home should be set up for QuickStart. Find out more about how to set up Virgin broadband.

Broadband installation FAQs