Help with Virgin TV remote control issues

If there’s something wrong with your Virgin TV remote control, tap the option you need below to get things fixed, or read our handy FAQs.

Fixing problems with a Virgin TV remote control

If the Virgin TV remote isn’t working quite right, don’t worry, we’ll be able to help.

Before you launch into our help steps or read our FAQs below, make sure you’ve carried out a few basic steps.

  • Flat batteries are a major culprit of remote control issues. If you’ve replaced them make sure they’re correctly positioned in the remote with the positive battery terminals the same way, following the markings inside the remote.
  • If you’ve got more than one Virgin TV box at home, make sure you’re using the correct remote for the right TV box.
  • If the remote’s lost make sure you check under every cushion, and even check any other rooms in your home.
  • Been sent a new remote? Make sure it’s paired up to the Virgin TV box first. You can also reset some of our remotes if they’re synced up to another TV box or telly.
  • Check you’re on the right AV input source. If you’re watching live terrestrial TV through your TV set rather than through the TV box, it may appear as if the Virgin TV remote isn’t working. Try changing channels with your TV’s remote – if you can, you just need to check the TV box is on and change the source input.


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