How to use Virgin TV Go app and website

Do you have Virgin TV? If so, you can also watch your shows and movies on your phone, laptop and tablet, using your free Virgin TV Go streaming service. Here’s all you need to know about the mobile app and website, so you can enjoy live and On Demand telly at home or anywhere in the UK you’re online. On up to five of your devices.

How to register to use the TV Go app or website

When opening the Virgin TV Go app for the first time (after downloading it free from from Google Play or Apple’s App Store,

  1. Select Register

  2. Enter the email address or the mobile number you gave us when you joined Virgin Media.

  3. We’ll send you a confirmation email or text if we’ve found your details. If not, we’ll ask you to enter your account number and area reference (found on your bill or contract).

  4. Type in the verification code if we’ve sent you one.

  5. You’ll then need to set a security question in case you need to reset your password.

If your Virgin TV includes Sky Sports, please register with the Sky Sports app.

How to sign in and register a device on Virgin TV Go

You’ve registered for Virgin TV Go, so now (on up to five of your devices) you’re going to:

  1. Use your My Virgin Media username and password to sign in on Virgin TV Go.

  2. Name and register your device with Virgin TV Go, following the prompts on the mobile app or website.

  3. Start streaming. Watch your Sky TV channels and stream everything else, live and On Demand, on up to two devices at the same time.

And if you have Virgin TV 360, you can also sign in to your Profile on the app to personalise your TV experience.

  • Your 1st (or primary) My Virgin Media account: 2nd accounts can’t sign in. Register for My Virgin Media, if you haven’t already.

  • Your correct details: get a username reminder or reset your password online or follow the app’s link for Forgot login details? Remember, your My Virgin Media password is not the security password you use when you call us up.

  • UK WiFi that allows Virgin TV Go and other streaming services: some networks may block the app and website and you can’t use it with a VPN.

  • UK 3G or 4G mobile data: Virgin TV Go can’t stream while you’re roaming.

  • The same web browser, every time (Google Chrome, Safari…): the Virgin TV Go website thinks you’re using a new device when you’re on a different browser or incognito mode.

  • A registered device (see the next section): you can’t use a sixth device, five’s the limit.

If none of the above seem to apply, please see our help guide about the TV Go app not working.

You can do three device swaps a month. Want to use Virgin TV Go on a new device?

  1. Grab your new device and sign in on Virgin TV Go with your My Virgin Media details.

  2. Choose a show to watch live or On Demand and enter your TV Go PIN, if prompted.

  3. Select the device you’re replacing and name your new one – done!

How to search and use the TV Go app or website (with a browser)

Tap the app’s magnifying glass (top right of your screen) or the website’s search bar. As you type the name of the movie or show you fancy, search results will pop up for you – tap one to start watching. You can also search your TV Guide for a specific channel using the search box or have a browse:

  1. Menu > Live TV > Guide

  2. Tap the show to find out more and when it’s available: Now (watch symbol) or Later (timer symbol).

  3. Press the timer symbol to set a reminder when progamme starts (5 or 15 minutes before); or press Play or Watch Now – enjoy!

See the microphone symbol in the mobile app? Give it a quick tap and say what you’d like to search for on Virgin TV Go. Now you’re voice searching.

See what’s playing now on all Live TV channels:

  1. Tap website Menu > Live TV; or mobile app Menu > Live TV > Now On TV.

  2. Browse your channels: they’re listed in the same Channel Order as your TV box. Or tap Channel order and change to Most watched; or Menu > Settings > My Channels, to personalise your line-up and TV Guide.

  3. Tap a show to start watching live.

To continue shows or movies you haven’t finished:

  1. Menu > Saved > Continue Watching, if you saw at least 3 minutes of an On Demand show, you’ll find it here.

  2. Tap your show and pick up where you left off.

Saving shows and movies:

Found a show or movie you want to watch later, but don’t want to download? You can add them to your watchlist.

  1. Choose a show you’d like to add: tap the + button (below episode information) to add it to your Saved folder on all your registered devices – Watchlist is synced.

  2. Tap Menu > Saved > Watchlist, then the show you want to watch; or Edit > Delete, show(s) you don’t want. Your Watchlist is synced up on all your Virgin TV Go devices.

Sort or filter On Demand by Category or Genre:

  1. Tap Menu > Box Sets & Movies > Categories'

  2. Pick a genre > Show All

  3. Tap Filter (three lines, top right) and choose to sort all the shows and movies in this genre by Most recent, Most watched, A-Z.

Elsewhere on the Virgin TV Go website, you’ve topical, trending and more On Demand categories on the home page.

  1. Tap the 3 dots on the show you want to download

  2. Tap the Download button

  3. Go to Menu > Saved > Downloads, then watch your On Demand programme offline, without using your mobile data or WiFi.

If you have Virgin TV 360, you’ll be able to access your recordings, rented shows or downloads automatically – as well as being able to continue watching where you left things on your main Virgin TV box.

You may have up to: 30 days to start watching your download; 48 hours to watch when you’ve started. Some episodes can only be downloaded a maximum of two times per account.

If you’re a Virgin TV 360 customer, you can easily switch from your device to the main TV by tapping Watch on TV on the app.

This feature is unavailable if you have the Virgin TV TiVo or V6 box.

You can control your Virgin TV 360 box from your device with the TV Go app. Here’s how:

  • For iOS, tap the Connect to TV icon at the top right hand side of the screen.

  • For Android, go the main menu > Guide > My Shows > Manage > Info > Remote Control

If you have the Virgin TV TiVo or V6 box, you can use the Virgin TV Control app to do this instead.

How to change settings on the TV Go app or website

For iOS, select the settings wheel > Preferences, or for Android go to Menu > Settings > Preferences, if you want to…

  • Stop Virgin TV Go using your mobile data: disable Allow streaming using mobile data.

  • Change your streaming quality: choose High, Medium or Low, or Automatic (adapts streaming quality to internet connection).

  • Set up Touch ID or Face ID: set PIN Auto-fill preference (see section below to learn more).

For iOS, select the settings wheel > My Channels or for Android go to Menu > Settings > My Channels, if you fancy…

  • Removing channels from Virgin TV Go: choose to Show / Hide channels.

  • Changing the channel order on the menus for Live TV and the TV Guide: sort channels or reset to the default line-up.

Pin protection is automatically requested based on the ratings given for the show/movie and the time of day you’re streaming. Here’s how to set up your TV PIN. Live TV often has no rating assigned, but uses the time of airing to determine its rating when being watched live or via Catch Up. Standard UK watershed rules are used within TV Go and these cannot be changed or switched off.

It’s worth noting that watching most Live TV channels with Virgin TV Go is not PIN protected, as channels show content appropriate to watershed times.

Follow the steps below for changing your PIN…

Change PIN

  1. Sign in on the Virgin TV Go app or website.

  2. For iOS tap the settings wheel > Parental Controls, and for Android tap Settings > Change PIN; or Settings > Parental Controls > Change PIN.

  3. Enter your current PIN – but if you can’t remember it, you can reset it to the default value which we’ll send to you in a message once you’ve done this.

  4. Create and confirm your new 4-digit PIN for all your Virgin TV Go devices. If you’re a Virgin TV 360 customer, the new PIN will be shared with your TV boxes.

Set up Auto-fill PIN

Worried the kids may suss out your PIN? Set up Touch ID or Face ID for Virgin TV Go and unlock age-restricted On Demand shows with your fingerprint or face.

  1. Sign in on the Virgin TV Go mobile app.

  2. For iOS tap settings wheel > Preferences, or for Android tap Settings > App Preferences.

  3. Switch on Auto-fill PIN and follow the prompts. Your fingerprint and face scan information won’t be given to Virgin TV Go, don’t worry.

  1. Select the programme you want to watch.

  2. Select the speech bubble in the top right hand corner.

  3. Choose to switch on Subtitles or Audio Description – available on most Live TV channels, but not all or On Demand just yet.

Additional accessibility support

The TV Go app provides spoken feedback if you have the iOS Voiceover or the Android TalkBack accessibility features enabled. The app announces buttons, icons, on-screen text and messages, as well as providing special navigational aids. Find out more about accessibility support.

Which devices can I use the Virgin Media TV Go app with?

Virgin TV Go is available for all Virgin TV customers, and is available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, PC and Mac.

Virgin TV Go is supported on the following systems and browsers:

  • Windows 8.1 (15063.0 or higher) and macOSX 10.1

  • Google Chrome 69+

  • Mozilla Firefox 67+

  • Microsoft EDGE (Windows only)*

  • Safari 9+(macOS only)**

We no longer have a Windows 10 app, but Windows 10 devices can use the website, and install the web app that is offered when visiting the website. To use Virgin TV Go in a browser please ensure you’ve got cookies enabled in your browser, that is listed as a trusted site, your browser is set to allow protected content, and you allow pop ups from the Virgin TV Go website.

Note: If you register a computer using a browser, you’ll need to use the same browser with Virgin TV Go. Using a different browser, clearing cookies or using incognito mode will be seen as a different device.

*To use Virgin TV Go with Internet Explorer on Windows 7 you'll need to install Microsoft Silverlight.

**To use Virgin TV Go with Safari 11 or earlier you'll need to install Microsoft Silverlight. Virgin TV Go is not currently compatible with Safari 12. To use Virgin TV Go on macOS with Safari 12 installed, you'll need to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

To use Virgin TV Go, your mobile or tablet will need to be:

  • Android 5.1 or later

  • iOS 11 or later

Note: Virgin TV Go is not available on Amazon Fire devices

Virgin TV Go is not available on rooted or jailbroken devices. The use of Air Play, Miracast, HDMI or TV-Out and Chromecast is not supported.