Project Lightning

Project Lightning

Project Lightning: Supercharging the UK

Virgin Media is proud to present Project Lightning, the single biggest private investment in UK internet infrastructure in over a decade.

We are supercharging the UK with a £3bn investment to expand our ultrafast fibre optic network to 17 million homes and businesses. This means adding 4 million homes and businesses to our network.



Our investment is expected to benefit the UK economy by £8 billion and will be directly responsible for creating 6,000 new jobs, including 1,000 new apprentices.



We are extending our network to streets and areas we have historically not been able to get to.  Last year we added over 250,000 premises to our network and this year we’re going even further. There are heaps of opportunities: whether that’s new developments, working with local authorities and housing associations to make sure that homes and businesses can get the UK’s fastest broadband or expanding in areas where we have high demand. For further information and to register your interest visit