What’s Intelligent WiFi?

Intelligent WiFi is a smart system designed to automatically sort WiFi issues in your home. Take a look at our Intelligent WiFi broadband deals.

What’s Intelligent WiFi Plus?

This is our new service, which includes all of the benefits of Intelligent WiFi, as well as up to three of the all-new Intelligent WiFi Pods. The Pods improve home WiFi coverage and help to eliminate blackspots.

How do Virgin Media WiFi Pods and Hubs work together?

Intelligent WiFi Pods work together with our Virgin Media Hub 3 and 4 to create a mesh WiFi bubble that covers your entire home.

The clever technology learns how you use WiFi – where you use it, what devices you connect with, and the time you use them. They constantly update to create the best conditions for the network your household needs. Just plug in the WiFi Pods to link them to the Hub.

Differences between Virgin Media WiFi Pods Vs WiFi Boosters?

Our old WiFi Boosters can help you tackle WiFi blackspots. They use your home’s electrical wiring to boost the WiFi signal in the room.

Our new Intelligent WiFi Pods plug into any normal three-pin socket in your house. They’ll team up with your Virgin Media Hub to supercharge your WiFi coverage – eliminating blackspots to give you WiFi all around your home.

How to install your first Intelligent WiFi Pod

If you need help to install your WiFi Pod, follow these steps.

Installing an additional Intelligent WiFi Pod

To install another WiFi Pod, follow the same steps as above. And plug in your additional WiFi Pod halfway between the existing WiFi Pod(s) and where you’re experiencing poor WiFi.

Why is the Virgin Intelligent WiFi Pods not working?

There could be a few reasons why your WiFi Pods aren’t working. First, unplug and check WiFi Pods are on. If the Pod still isn’t working, check the following:

• Relocate WiFi Pod
• Check WiFi Pods are paired
• Check the Ethernet cable
• Check your WiFi setting

Slow speed checks

If your connection is still slow, here’s what you can do to try to speed it up:

Turn WiFi on and off
• Move closer to WiFi Pod
• Relocate WiFi Pod

Intelligent WiFi FAQs

If you’re wanting more information, here are the most common questions about Intelligent WiFi.

WiFi Pod basics

WiFi Pod perfomance

WiFi Pods with other devices

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