How to set up a WiFi Booster

From setting up new or existing Boosters, to fixing any troubleshooting issues, here is your step-by-step guide.

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What’s a powerline Booster?

Our intelligent Boosters: WiFi and Wired, use your home's internal electrical wiring to help connect your devices to the Hub – from any room with a working socket.

Virgin WiFi Boosters can help tackle WiFi blackspots and are perfect for places where your existing home network won't reach.

Do I need a Booster?

If you’re experiencing poor WiFi coverage in your house, or office, then a WiFi Booster will help:

• It can be used to extend WiFi coverage throughout the whole home.

• Reduce connection problems on multiple devices.

Setting up your first Booster

Follow these simple instructions to install the Booster. Or, take a look at our installation guide

Setting up an additional Booster

Why is my Virgin WiFi Booster not working?

There are a number of reasons why the Booster isn’t working. Here are the most common – and what to look out for:

Find the booster's happy place

• Use power sockets on internal walls, but don’t use extension cables.

• Avoid direct obstruction to the Booster, such as cupboards or shelves.

• Position away from devices that may cause interference i.e. chargers.

• Provide ventilation as the Boosters can get very warm while in use.

Quick checks

Additional Checks

Slow speed checks

If your WiFi Booster is working – but slowly, you can check your broadband speed or follow these steps to speed it up again:

Turn WiFi on and off
It may sound simple but try turning the WiFi setting off and on again from the device you are using to find a stronger signal.
Move closer to the Booster
Try moving to a different room or closer to the Booster before connecting the device
Relocate the Booster
Move the Booster to another socket – ideally an internal wall and away from interfering devices with a motor like a washing machine.

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