How to set up Virgin TV

It's important that you get your Virgin TV set up in the right order, so don't plug in, or turn any of the kit on, until you’ve been guided through it. This usually takes just over an hour.

How to replace an existing TV box

If you need to replace an existing TV box, follow the steps below to help you disconnect and return the existing TV box and connect the new TV box.

If you’ve got a TV360, you must reply ‘go’ to a text that we sent to you before you start this guide.
Didn’t get a text? Call us on 0800 953 9500 and have your account number to hand.

How to connect a Virgin TV box to the WiFi

• Point remote at the TV box and select ‘UK’
• Select WiFi
• Select WPS set up
• Press WPS button on the front of your hub, until light flashes
• Press ‘OK’ on the remote

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How to change an existing Virgin TV box to a Virgin TV V6 box

Changing your TV box takes just over an hour. Follow our step-by-step guide:

How to change an existing Virgin TV box to a Virgin TV TiVo box

Before you begin, take a look at the kit you've received – making sure you have all the parts. If you don't, it’s our fault that your installation pack isn’t complete.

Give us a call, on the number in your QuickStart pack, and we’ll send out the missing parts as soon as possible.

How to upgrade and set up 360 software

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