Why does my speed change at different times of the day?

The maximum speeds you receive can be affected by how many customers are using our network at one time.

The average speeds you see in our advertising are based on the speeds that 50% of our customers can get at peak times. Our peak times are between 8pm and 10pm, Monday to Sunday, when more people tend to be at home and online.

Unlike our reported monthly speeds, which use a mean average, the peak-time average is based on a median, or the mid-point between the fastest and slowest speeds on each of our fibre packages.

Don’t forget, these are average speeds and are not guaranteed. You should also bear in mind that broadband speeds can be affected by things we can’t control – including your home environment, the number of people using your connection, or the device you’re using.

To understand our typical broadband speeds, what our advertised broadband speeds mean and more, check out our dedicated Broadband speeds page.

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