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Testing my Broadband Speed

Slow WiFi getting you down?

Follow our step-by-step guide to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible.

You can test your broadband speed by visiting  – this is an independent speed test website approved by Virgin Media. 

Not sure what speed you should be getting? See our broadband speeds explained  page before you run your test.

You will be re-directed to in a new tab.

1. In your browser, head over to Speed Test

2. On the page that loads, on the right hand side it should say 'Virgin Media'


A screen shot showing the website

3. If it doesn't, select Change Server. Choose a Virgin Media server from the dropdown list.

A screen shot showing the website

4. Hit GO and the speed test will run.

A screen shot showing the website

5. After a few seconds, your download and upload speeds will be displayed.

A screen shot showing the website

Ping – this is reaction time of your connection. The faster the ping the better your connection will be for gaming and other uses where a fast reaction is required
Download speed – this will tell you how fast data can be downloaded from the Internet to your device
Upload speed – this will tell you how fast data can be uploaded from your device to the Internet

There are many factors that can affect these results including which speed test site you use:

  • Your test result will only be as fast as the slowest part of the connection between your device and the speed test site
  • The time of day and days of the week can affect your test result, so run multiple tests to ensure the tests are not affected by one off factors or high usage of the speed test site
  • Tests using a wired connection will be more reliable than a WiFi connection
  • Mobile device test results will usually be different than tests using a computer browser due to hardware limitations, and may be lower than your broadband service. As an example, the Apple iPhone 6 has a maximum WiFi connection speed of up to 120Mbps - recent laptop and desktop computers can achieve up to 1Gbps via a wired connection


To check your current speeds using our handy tool please click here. For more information on Virgin Media broadband speeds check here.

Many companies use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide employees with a secure and encrypted connection to work safely from home.

Due to the additional protection provided by VPN, the broadband speed you receive may be impacted. This is because all your internet traffic needs to go through your employer's network and servers. During peak office hours and with more people working remotely, it may take longer for the data to pass through.

If you're experiencing slower speeds, disconnecting and reconnecting to your VPN can help.

When running a speed test, make sure you turn off your VPN to see if you are experiencing slower speeds.

We've also got some handy tips to help improve your household's broadband speed

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