Where was Luther filmed?

Take a look at our guide to some of Luther’s filming locations.

Idris Elba plays John Luther, a detective who specialises in the most complex, serious crimes. The problem is, he’s battling his own demons while tracking down murderers. Luther is seriously bingeable and uses gritty-looking locations to add to the tense atmosphere.

Luther is mostly set in the capital, so you’ll see iconic London landmarks in the background as well as neighbourhoods that are off the beaten track.

Read on to find out where Luther was filmed, and take a look at our TV Map of Britain to find your favourite TV show hotspots.

Luther filming locations: Aylesbury Estate, Walworth, London

Exterior scenes of John Luther’s chaotic flat were filmed on the sprawling Aylesbury Estate. Built between 1963 and 1977, it had a concrete, brutalist style that made it a popular filming location for several shows. However, it has since been demolished and made way for a new housing development. The estate is also famous as the place Tony Blair gave his first speech after becoming prime minister.

Luther filming locations: Liverpool Street Station, Liverpool Street, London

Several scenes have been filmed at Liverpool Street Station, an overground and underground station in the city. You may recognise the station on screen thanks to its impressive gothic facade, or the high glass ceiling inside.

Luther filming locations: Stafford Cripps Estate, Islington, London

One of London’s first high-rise estates built in the 1950s, the Stafford Cripps Estate was used for some of Luther’s most explosive scenes. A top floor flat of one of the three towers was blown up in the show. However, this was done with CGI. Visit these tower blocks in Islington and you’ll find they’re all still perfectly intact.

Luther filming locations: The Rivoli Ballroom, Brockley Road, London

While watching Luther being tied up and threatened by gun-toting thugs, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful art deco ballroom surroundings. This scene was filmed in The Rivoli Ballroom, one of the last traditional 1950s ballrooms that still has much of its original décor. Decorated in red velvet with chandeliers and disco balls, it certainly has a decadent atmosphere. It’s currently a live music venue and hosts cinema screenings.

Luther filming locations: Westfield London, Shepherds Bush, London

The scene where art dealer James goes to meet his wife’s kidnapper takes place in Westfield London, one of Europe’s largest shopping centres. Westfield London opened in 2008 and has a modern interior with a unique geometric ceiling. You can visit the centre to see where Luther was filmed and stay for some retail therapy in over 200 stores.

Luther filming locations: Petticoat Lane Market, Middlesex Street, London

The opening episode of season two gave us two murders for the price of one., One of the murder scenes was filmed in the historic Petticoat Lane Market. This market has been here since the 17th-century. On market days, there are often over 1,000 stalls selling everything from antiques to artichokes

Luther filming locations: The Griffin Pub, Leonard Street, Shoreditch

The Griffin Pub in the first episode of Luther is where Luther and Reed go for a drink together. The pub has a traditional tile facade. Inside, it’s rustic and cosy, with craft beers on tap if you feel like drinking in the same place as Luther.