Where was Mcmafia filmed?

Those UK McMafia filming locations revealed

When the British-raised son of a Russian mafia boss finds his life under threat, he’s drawn into a murky world of organised crime, money laundering and drug lords. It’s one of those shows that’ll hook you from episode one.

While this thriller may sound like high drama, it’s based on a non-fiction book by journalist Misha Glenny. Many of the storylines draw from real life. The show is set in locations around the world but a lot of it was filmed on British soil.

Read on to learn where McMafia was filmed.

McMafia filming locations: Lancaster House, St James, London

The first episode takes Alex to the Palace of Versailles, but the crew found a much closer location to film the decadent party scenes in London. Lancaster House is just around the corner from Buckingham Palace. It has a neo-classical facade and an ornate interior, from the great staircase to gold trimmings. It’s even home to the official Government Wine Cellar, which holds about £2 million worth of wine. Enough for a pretty decent party.

McMafia filming locations: V&A Museum, Kensington, London

The V&A museum was named for Victoria and Albert and was originally built in Victorian times for the Great Exhibition of 1851, which brought in exhibits from around the world. Many exhibits were bought to start the collection and the iconic museum was born a few years later. The V&A now hosts the world’s largest collection of applied and decorative arts. In McMafia, it was used as the backdrop of a Russian banquet scene.

McMafia filming locations: Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street, London

In episode one, when Rebecca attends a charity auction, the setting was London’s Sky Garden. Set on top of the affectionately nicknamed Walkie Talkie Tower (aka 20 Fenchurch Street), the Sky Garden has views across the capital. It’s free to visit the Sky Garden, although you do have to book a ticket in advance. There’s a restaurant and bar at the top, so you can sit and enjoy the view for longer.

McMafia filming locations: British Museum, Bloomsbury, London

The British Museum is another iconic London sight that made it into McMafia. It’s featured in episode two when Alex goes to a function at the museum. Packed with the spoils from the days of the British Empire, from mummies to statues, the British Museum houses over eight million items from around the world. The history of the museum can be traced back to the late 18th-century. It was built over several decades until it became the imposing neoclassical building you’ll see today.

McMafia filming locations: Sartoria, Savile Row, London

In the season one finale, Rebecca and Katya meet for coffee in a stylish Italian restaurant. Sartoria was used for both internal and external filming. Set on Savile Row, which is known for its gentlemen's outfitters, the name means ‘tailor’ in Italian.

McMafia filming locations: Cranley Mews, South Kensington, London

Alex and Rebecca’s colourful home can be found in Cranley Mews in South Kensington. Set down a cobbled street, these gorgeous homes have a classic British vibe and are in a highly desirable neighbourhood. Homes on this street regularly sell for more than £2 million.