Where was The Nest filmed?

The Nest filming locations revealed

Dan and Emily seem to have it all. But their beautiful Scottish home feels empty as they both long for children.

They meet a girl who volunteers to be a surrogate mother. But how trustworthy is this stranger? This tense miniseries was a big hit when it first aired. Many viewers were left wondering where they could find the beautiful lake and mountainside locations.

We’ve put together a guide of The Nest filming locations for you to visit.

The Nest filming locations: Cape Cove, Loch Long, Argyll and Bute

Viewers swooned over Dan and Emily’s beautiful waterfront home and the good news is that it can be yours – for a holiday at least. Cape Cove is a holiday home on the banks of Loch Long. It has floor to ceiling windows so you can enjoy views across the loch. There are five bedrooms, so you can bring your friends along.

The Nest filming locations: Loch Long, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

The Nest crew also took advantage of the beautiful loch to film the wild swimming scenes. If you’re planning on doing the same, you might want to wait until the summer months, as the loch can be extremely chilly.

The Nest filming locations: New Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland

Kayla the surrogate lives in humbler circumstances. The exterior scenes were filmed on the New Gorbals estate in Glasgow, most of which is new-build. After WWII, the area was redeveloped. Estates such as New Gorbals were built with low-rise flats and more green spaces, making it a pleasanter neighbourhood to live in.

The Nest filming locations: Glasgow City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow

Glasgow City Chambers were used for two interior backdrops. They’re the music school where Emily is a teacher and also represent the local town hall. On the city’s George Square, the chambers have a decorative Beaux-arts style. Inside, there are grand rooms with mosaics and oil paintings. It’s not the first time the chambers have been used as a filming location. Due to their well-preserved appearance, they’re often used in period productions.

The Nest filming locations: Devil’s Pulpit, Near Craighat, Glasgow

Filming also took place at Devil’s Pulpit, used as the fictional area of Calderwood Falls. The Devil’s Pulpit is at the bottom of a deep gorge. It’s a slippery, steep walk down, so you’ll need some proper walking shoes if you’re going to try it. The name, the Devil’s Pulpit, comes from a mushroom-shaped rock in the stream. This was said to have been where the devil addressed his followers. Local rumour has it that witches used the rock for sacrifices. However, this is more likely down to the red tinge to the water, caused by local sandstone. It certainly has a supernatural feel.