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Stranger Things: Exclusive interview with the cast


After becoming a bona fide, worldwide cultural phenomenon last year, the 80s-tastic sci-fi horror adventure Stranger Things has returned to Netflix with the promise of bigger, weirder and nastier threats emerging from scary shadow-dimension, the Upside Down.

But those plucky, loveable, Dungeons & Dragons-playing kids from Hawkins, Indiana – namely Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will – are back, too, and we should take inspiration from their choice of Halloween costumes. Yes, that’s right, the boys go trick-or-treating as Ghostbusters, with their own home-made jumpsuits and proton packs. They ain’t afraid of no Upside Down monsters.

We spoke to the show’s stars about their characters, what the new season brings and who they’d be for Halloween (well, they’re not going to wear their work clothes, are they?) and this is what we found out…

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