Network expansion in your area

Our superfast broadband is about to land in your neighbourhood. Learn all you need to know and reach out if you need us.

What you’ll need to do

Show interest

Whether you’re the homeowner or tenant, you can use our postcode checker to register your interest in joining our network: tap ‘Notify me when available’ and enter your contact details to get updates on our expansion plans in your area.

Allow access

An access agreement, sometimes called wayleave, is written permission for us to be on your private property. If that’s something we need to be able to carry out our work, you’ll be contacted to complete the quick online consent form below, so we can get started.

Any questions, please talk to us on Live Chat.

So, do you need to fill in the form?

Please find these details in the access agreement message that we sent you.

Click here to enter your Wayleave ID and fill in the form.

How do I get connected once the agreement is in place?

It’ll be an FTTP (Fibre to the premises) connection. So you can expect to have our superfast, reliable fibre-optic cables fitted from start to finish.

Most times, it goes like this…

  1. You’re contacted about the installation plan
  2. The local area, perhaps your street or tower block, gets connected
  3. Our broadband deals become available to you, or your tenants or homebuyers
  4. The property is fully connected to our network, after choosing to join us

See FAQs to learn how we’ll support you.

Are there any costs involved?

Zero fees or charges

We cover all network expansion costs*.

Zero obligation to join us

Considerate construction

Often completed in a few days, with the least possible fuss and noise.

Building on what’s there

Existing trenches, telegraph poles, infrastructure used where possible.

*Further requests to the same new build site may be charged.

Broadband for new developments

Are you ready to unleash the power of Virgin Media broadband on your new development? Read on to discover how to make it happen.

How to get Virgin Media into your new development builds

With Virgin Media, it’s easy to find out what broadband, TV and home phone options we can provide for your development. Even better? Our site request service is at no extra cost to you (although further requests for the same site may be charged). We recommend doing this 9 months before you expect homebuyers to move in.

For technical information on how to support your on-site deployment, check out the New Build Developer’s Guide, or fill in the form now. Prefer to chat? Give us a call on 0800 408 0088.

Keeping homebuyers happy

With Virgin Media by your side, you can give homebuyers great entertainment experiences. Young professionals will love our speedy broadband (average download speeds of 54Mbps on M50 all the way up to over 1Gbps with Gig1 Fibre Broadband), while families will adore our award-winning TV content. And that’s not all we have to offer…

  • TV they’ll love, including access to Sky Cinema, TNT Sports, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (when they subscribe).
  • Virgin phone.
  • Mobile plans, plus exclusive SIM Only offerings.
  • HomeWorks – a dedicated business connection for when the home is the head office.

Boosting businesses with Virgin Media solutions

We provide solutions to all sizes of organisations, from small and medium-sized businesses (1-250), right up to enterprise-level (250+) as well as public sector organisations. Our services include:

  • Voom Fibre (with up to 500Mbps download speeds on Voom 500).
  • Phone lines/System and Voice-over-IP.
  • Enterprise mobile solutions.
  • Business applications and WiFi solutions.
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).
  • Site connectivity and secure VPNs.
  • SD-WAN.
  • Cloud Collaboration solutions.

Learn more about Virgin Media business.