TV packages

Virgin TV is bursting with the latest and greatest telly. It’s enough to make you swoon! Select your TV tier from the options below, then customise it with some well-chosen TV extras before moving onto broadband and phone. When you select or change your TV tier it resets all your other bundle choices, including broadband and phone, so choose this first!

Personal TV picks

Customise your TV tier by adding some excellent extra TV channels. You can choose HD for Sky channels once you’ve added Sky Sports & Cinema, Sky Sports, or the Sky Cinema collection to experience them in glorious high definition!

TV box

Now that you’ve chosen your TV package and extras, it’s time to pick a brilliant box to watch it on! You can even add a second box to watch Virgin TV in an additional room.

Channel Icons

Select your main box

Select your Second box

Broadband tier

Our award-winning broadband is simple and straightforward, coming in several perfectly formed packages with a new broadband router included. Select your broadband then customise it with extras. And don’t forget: we’re still the fastest widely available broadband provider in the land # !

Broadband for home business

Customise your broadband package by adding some helpful extra features to help with your home office.

Phone plans

Ahoy ahoy! We've got several excellent home phone plans for you to choose from, each one a perfect way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Select your phone plan below, then dial it up with some extra features. Virgin Phone line (£17.99 a month) is included with all phone plans.

Phone plan add-ons

Customise your phone plan with some useful phone add-ons. Don’t forget: Virgin Phone line £17.99 is included with all phone plans.

Mobile SIM-only tariffs

Love your mobile? Then you'll love our mobile tariffs.Select a mobile tariff from the option below to add it to your order, and enjoy unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobiles as a bonus! A SIM size must also be selected alongside your tariff.

SIM Size

Choose your phone make and model and we'll find the right SIM size for you. If you can't find your phone make or model, the please select not listed. Press select in the highlited box to choose the correct SIM size.

Phone make
Phone model