How to use the discussion forums

There are now a number of ways for Virgin Media users to interact with each other through Have your say including the new discussion forums.

What's the difference between the discussion forums and the Soundbites comment boards? - the Soundbites boards work just as before, no registering or anything, just type in your messages and post away. The new discussion forums work slightly differently, in that in order to actually post you first need to register and get yourself a unique nickname.

What can I do that doesn’t need registration?

  • Lurk anywhere you like around Have your say without registering - read posts, watch videos and check out other people’s profiles.
  • Post instantly on the Soundbites unregistered comment boards.
What can I do once I’ve registered?
  • Post on the discussion forums.
  • Upload, comment on and rate videos.
  • Create a profile and make friends with others around Have your say.
  • Add pictures and attachments in forums, or to your profile.

Where do I go to register and open my account? - just go here and follow the on-screen instructions.

When I try to register I get asked to give a nickname. What’s that for? - the nickname you enter is a unique way for other Have your say users and us to identify you. Your nickname will appear next to all your posts on-screen so think about how you want people to know you. You can call yourself what you like, as long as it’s not offensive or obscene (or anyone else has already picked it as nicknames are unique).

Do I have to create a profile when I open my account? - you are given the option of creating a profile and you don’t need to fill it in if you don’t want to, but the more information you add about yourself the more likely you are to meet and make friends on the boards. For information on how to create your profile read the guide.

Once I’ve registered, can I just go buck wild in the forums and behave however I like? - the discussion forums offer a great deal more freedom than our users have previously enjoyed. You can chat about whatever you like, start discussion topics yourself and even contact friends. We do ask that you abide by our House rules so please make yourself familiar with these before you get going. We’ve also created a guide to netiquette that you should try to read.

How do I start a discussion? - if you click the post message button on the header bar of the folder in which you want your message to appear, it will take you to a regular message posting text editor window. The only difference is that it also has a subject window. Type into the subject window the question you’re basing your discussion on and this is what will appear on the front page of the forum. Try to make the subject exciting and informative so people will know what you’re talking about and want to get involved.

How do I join a discussion that’s already started? - browse through the posts and when you’re ready to have your say hit the reply to the message button and you will get a text editor window where you can write your note, then just hit post. The numbers in the top right of the post window on-screen (e.g. 21.2 Reply to 21.1) show you what number discussion you’re in and which message in that discussion you have replied to. They’re not particularly important but do mean you can trace all the various replies and who they were to in any given discussion (if you really wanted to). They’re important for us as they mean we can trace any specific post, thread or discussion.

Can I put HTML into my posts? - You can put simple HTML into your posts, just click on the HTML button, which is at the bottom left of the post text editor window, then write as normal putting your tags in as you go.

How do I attach a picture? - when you get to the post text editor window there is an Options button at the bottom. Click on there and you can then browse for and upload a picture (up to a maximum size of 1024k). The picture appears as a link in the post and then when people click on the link a new window opens with the picture in it.

How do I attach other files? - same as above, just upload a file rather than a picture. Although we do have strict rules about viruses and other malicious files, detailed in our house rules, so don’t upload anything like that.

Can I embed video into my messages? - at the moment you can’t embed video into your messages but you can link to it.

How do I keep track of a discussion? - if you’re involved in a discussion but you’re away for a while, or you just don’t want to miss anything, you can subscribe to it and receive updates via email when people post. Just go to the actions drop down menu in the top right of the discussion thread screen and click on Subscribe.

How do you monitor what’s happening in the forums - the forums are moderated reactively between the hours of 7am and 11pm, 7 days a week, which means your posts go live as soon as you submit them, but content is checked by the moderators periodically and also offending material can be reported to us by anyone using Have your say at any time, which is then investigated. Messages that break our rules will be blocked or removed. It is our aim to build a community of users who welcome the freedom and self-policed nature of the boards and forums but accept the responsibility that goes along with that. Virgin Media reserves the right to change its moderation policy at any time.

What should I do if I see a post that offends me? - if you see anything on the boards you think is unacceptable use the Report violation buttons. Use the button that appears on the post that is offending you as this allows us to trace the material you’re referring to quickly and easily. Details of the kind of things we do not find acceptable are available to read in our House rules.

The views expressed on Have your say are not necessarily those of Virgin Media.

Your space - guides and rules

Your space is the new home for the Virgin Media community. How it works:

Soundbites: the new Have your say unregistered comment boards. Share your views instantly on the topics of the day.

Sports discussions: the new discussion forums where you can register, get yourself a screen name, then start or join a discussion on any sporting topic.

Profiles: Once you've registered you can also choose to build a profile. Find out more about people on the boards or just browse and make friends.

Guides and rules

Guides and rules

Please read the house rules before you get started. Or just click for user guides to help you on your way

Your space

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