IP Voice Lab

Virgin Media have created an IP Voice Lab at our Winnersh facility, which is available for you to validate your equipment compatibility with our new Voice over Cable lines.

Why are we doing this?

Virgin Media is transforming the way it delivers voice calls.  We’re moving from the legacy technology associated with a traditional fixed network connection to an All-IP infrastructure in order to ensure that our services remain up to date and future proof.  Although this change will enable us to maintain modern, efficient and reliable voice services, we are aware that the change of technology may impact some services that operating “over-the-top” of dial-up connections (e.g. telehealth devices, care alarms, security alarms, fire alarms, point of sale terminals, fax machines etc).  If you are involved in the provision of this equipment or services, or you simply use these services, that may connect over our phone network, and you want to know if your equipment will be compatible, you’ve come to the right place.

Virgin Media has established a dedicated test lab where you can bring in examples of these devices in order to test over our phone lines (both using old and new technologies) to assess compatibility.

What's happening?

Along with many other communication providers around the world, Virgin Media are making some changes to the way we provide phone services.  We have already launched this service to new customers in 2018 and are aiming to have all of our customers using our new phone service by the end of 2025. This will mean that there will be some fundamental changes to the older analogue parts of our network. A key change for our customers is that their telephone service will be run over our broadband network. Although there will be no need for customers to change their equipment, in most cases, phones will connect to the broadband router instead of being plugged into a wall socket.

The change of technology means that some devices that connect to and signal over the phone line may not work as well as they do now.  We have opened our dedicated test lab so that anyone providing  or using these types of devices can arrange to come and test them.  We will also publish a list of companies who have tested, so they can be contacted for more details if you use their equipment.

What will the IP Voice Lab offer?

  • The lab provides the ability for providers or manufacturers of special service equipment to connect to either 21CV products of Direct Exchange Line (DEL) for residential customers and or Business Exchange Line (BEL) for enterprise customers.
  • There will be multiple line appearances to cover the different termination equipment within Virgin Media's network: - VOIP lines off our new 21CV network, residential & business - PSTN lines off our current traditional network - Broadband
  • This allows for instance, providers or manufacturers to originate alert calls to their own production test Alarm Reporting Centre (ARC), Network Access Controller (NAC) either remotely or locally.


  • Virgin Media will provide phone lines that provide the normal physical, electrical and functional characteristics that would be expected of a UK PSTN phone line; consistent with our document SIN0012, which is available on request.
  • Virgin Media will provide a service interface capable of conveying not only Voice but also Voice Band Data (VBD) provided that the service provider / manufacturer equipment works in accordance with the ITU-T recommendations and similar telecom standardisation bodies.
  • Virgin Media cannot approve or certify any equipment as a result of the testing, as different industries have their own standards and requirements. We will, with consent, publish a list of companies that have tested in our lab, with their contact details, so anyone who wants more information about the testing can contact those companies directly.

Who’s tested in our Lab?

To book a slot

Please email us to start the booking process: IPVoice@Virginmedia.co.uk

We will then send you a meeting invitation along with an NDA form to sign. On receipt of the form your booking will be confirmed

Building 300,
Wharfedale Road,
Winnersh Triangle,
RG41 5TZ


By train to Winnersh Triangle (SW Trains): Direct trains from London Waterloo & Reading.

Driving: Leave the M4 at Junction 10 and join the A329 towards Reading. Turn off at the Winnersh junction and follow signs for Winnersh Triangle.  Cross straight over the mini roundabout at the estate entrance and you'll find yourself on Wharfedale Road.  Virgin Media is down towards the bottom on the right - parking's available in front of the building and also a few yards further down is the multi storey carpark. We are limited to ground and first floor.  Alternatively you can park on the road behind the building of you want to.

Contact Us:

For all general enquiries please contact us at: IPVoice@virginmedia.co.uk.