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Our Purpose

Building connections that really matter

Here at Virgin Media we don’t just want to be proud of what we do, we also want to celebrate how we do it. That’s why we are dedicated to building connections that really matter.

Warning: The following video contains flashing images

Our Values

We look for unexpected ways to delight. We love connecting with people, and believe that thoughtful little touches add up to a big difference

If it matters to you, then it really matters to us. Warm, inclusive and down to earth, we care about our customers and each other


We’re not afraid to go our own way, to challenge the rules and swerve the norms to find new and exciting ways to punch above our weight

Adventurous and inventive, we never stop questioning. Always asking “What if?” and “Why not?” to make sure we aren’t missing a trick

Honest, decent and straight-talking, we stick up for what’s right – and hold our hands up if we get it wrong


We’re spirited, brave and progressive, standing out in a world of same-same