Fans demand more live Premier League football on TV

6th January 2016

Fans have voted overwhelmingly in favour of scrapping the Saturday 3pm ban on broadcasting live football on TV.

In two separate online polls that have attracted more than 4,000 votes, nine out 10 fans have voted for change.

The Premier League only allows 41% of all games to be televised live and sells on an exclusive basis. This drives up the price of the rights and denies fans the opportunity to watch some of the best games live on TV.

Virgin Media is calling for reform in the way that live TV rights are sold in the UK, which we believe is against the interests of fans and our customers.

The two polls have both run for a month and show overwhelming support for reform.

In online poll run by the Daily Telegraph, 89% of voters said that matches at 3pm on Saturday should be televised live.

In a separate online poll run by the Mirror, 91% of votes agreed that games should be televised live on Saturday at 3pm.

The watchdog Ofcom is investigating the way the Premier League sells live TV rights and whether it breaks competition rules. We think it should act because:

Rising prices: Since 1992 the price of Premier League TV rights has risen by more than 4,000%. The last auction raised £5.14bn, a 71% increase on the previous auction. These costs are ultimately borne by consumers.

Missed games: Fans are unable to watch their favourite teams live on TV, because the Premier League restricts the number of games broadcast live on TV.

Fans living abroad get a better deal: The Premier League allows broadcasters across the world - from Algeria to Zimbabwe - to televise all games live on TV. But not in the home of football.

To highlight the issue, we have launched an online twitter campaign. Take a look at some of our messages and join is in demanding #MoreBalls.

THESE GUYS can watch the #CFCvSAFC game on TV, but we can’t? That's “garbage”!

#MUNWHU LIVE from Old Trafford. Want more? (Yeah, we do too)…

Missing half the footy? Same here (154 matches-worth in fact)

Erm, we thought most #MCI and #SOU fans lived HERE. Seem unfair? Check this out

Missing half the football? Yeah, we are too (226 matches-worth in fact)

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