Fast, faster, fastest. Our fastest ever top speeds coming to a home near you soon

15 February 2018

Ever since Virgin Media launched in 2007, we’ve been a byword for fast speeds and have been delivering the UK’s fastest widely-available broadband to customers across the UK.

Our top speed has increased 15 x over the past decade – up from what now seems a ludicrously slow 20Mpbs in 2007, to a blindingly fast 300Mpbs today – and soon things are going to get even faster. In the Spring we’re planning to start rolling out ultrafast broadband services of up to 350Mbps.

We’ve always been proud of our network, and for good reason. Our cables bring blazingly fast download speeds that are leagues ahead of the copper networks Sky, BT and others rely upon. For busy households who want to watch HD TV on services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer, download music and play online games all at the same time, our speed increase is great news. Our fastest ever 350Mpbs connection will give data-hungry families some added oomph and keep them living at lightning speed.

We know that demand for ultrafast services is here. Today, 70% of our customers take speeds of 100Mbps or more from us. And more than half of our customers are using our best-in-class WiFi router, the Hub 3.0, to unlock ultrafast WiFi speeds throughout their homes.

The huge investment we’ve made to grow and upgrade our network is what’s powering our latest speed boost. Through Project Lightning, we’ve become the largest new broadband builder in the UK over the past two years, surpassing the new build of all other competitors combined. Overall, almost 15 million premises are now able to access our gigabit-capable network in the UK & Ireland.

We’ve always said competition works and that if you want to get a better service from BT then move into a street served by Virgin Media. In fact, last December, Ofcom’s CEO said BT Openreach’s investment in FTTP was likely to be in response to the aggressive rollout by Virgin Media and alternative operators.

As we continue to boost speed and grow our gigabit-capable network we are showing once again Virgin Media is going the extra mile for our customers.