Launch of Creative Content UK and Virgin Media

19th July 2015

With two and a half billion people using the internet, the world is increasingly connected. Whether we are staying in touch with each other’s lives, sharing music, ideas and stories, ordering our weekly groceries or simply paying bills, digital technology is playing a part in every element of daily life.

This opens up huge opportunities for us all and, here at Virgin Media, we believe technology helps make good things happen. But we also know there are questions and challenges that need to be tackled to create the most positive future possible.

One of these is the problem of unlawful downloading and file-sharing. At the moment, media companies are pointing to the damage being done by unlawful file-sharing as it limits the amount of money they can invest in new bands, artists and ideas. Many of our customers have told us they need new types of services to help them legally share and enjoy the things they love and there are calls for Government to consider how it can update copyright law to protect individuals and the creative industries.

This is why we have worked with the BPI, Motion Picture Association, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Government to help launch the Creative Content UK campaign. We are committed to raising awareness of the importance of protecting copyright online and helping our customers find legal, compelling sources for the music, TV and movies they love.

As part of this commitment, we will alert our customers if unlawful file-sharing appears to have taken place on their broadband connection. Any alert will clearly recognise the account holder may not have engaged in copyright infringement themselves and we will be informative in tone, offering advice on where to find legitimate sources of entertainment content.   

At no point will we share any customer information as part of this campaign.

We believe people will ultimately pay if they can get what they want, how they want, at a price that’s fair to them. We have partnered with Spotify, encouraging customers to use the country’s largest streaming music service, we have brought Netflix onto its first pay-TV platform and we offer an unbeatable choice of On Demand movies and TV shows. By embracing digital, the creative industries can realise significant benefits, reaching millions of people with new and innovative services.