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Our Award-Winning Broadband

20th November 2015



Virgin Media has won five awards at’s annual broadband awards.

The awards recognise broadband providers that have exhibited excellence in their fields. 6,000 broadband-using members of the public, and a panel of experts at, awarded Virgin Media:

  • Fastest Widely Available Broadband 
  • Best Broadband-only 
  • Best Bundle – broadband, TV and phone 
  • Best Equipment  
  • Best Website

We are particularly proud to be recognised as offering both the UK’s Fastest Widely Available Broadband and the Best Broadband-only Package.

Unlike all our rivals BT, Sky, TalkTalk, or any of the smaller providers who operate on the back of Openreach’s network, we own our network. Not only are we proud of our superiority in this regard, but we’re currently investing £3bn over the next five years to extend our network to more of the UK.

Our investment, which is wholly privately funded, will help keep the UK digitally on the front foot: better connection for millions of consumers, thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships, as well as massive regional investment and considerable wider economic payoffs.

The Virgin Media network is the largest fibre-rich cable network in the UK, and as a result we can offer top speeds of up to 200Mbps; far faster than any other provider.

The magic comes from our DOCSIS® 3 technology.

Most of our competitors use a copper phone line which, over long distances, actually drops its speed. But the combination of our technology and a uniquely insulated cable, with a thicker copper core, allows us to retain our ultrafast signal right to our customers’ doors.

Being digitally connected to the rest of the world - engaging with information and entertainment, and communicating online - goes to the heart of the way things are now done. Connectivity is king.

British consumers and businesses want and deserve the fastest digital connection: Virgin Media provides that.


For more details about the awards, as well as information on all the winners click here.