Police commendation for life-saving volunteer

19 June 2017

Our employee Julian Stumm is recognised for his heroic efforts

Our people go above and beyond every day, making good things happen for our customers, our local communities and each other.

Like Julian Stumm from Virgin Media Business. Last month he received a Metropolitan Police Commendation for helping save someone’s life.

Last year Julian was on his way to East London to see Liverpool take on West Ham with some friends. He was taking a short cut to the football ground when he spotted a group of people in high vis jackets, and knew something was up.

Police officers were attending to a man who was lying on the cold, wet ground. As a trained Community First Responder and member of Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service, Julian immediately sprang into action.

The man was unconscious and whilst Julian was taking his pulse, he went into cardiac arrest. Assisted by two police officers, Julian administered CPR, working on the patient for 30 minutes. Finally a paramedic arrived, having fought their way through the football crowds, by which time Julian and team had stabilised the patient. The patient was taken to hospital and, after being sedated and spending a few days in intensive care, he went on to make a full recovery.

The police officer in charge nominated Julian for his Commendation after reading the reports about what happened. At the Commendation ceremony, as Julian was invited on stage to accept his certificate, one of the police officers who was on the scene whispered to him, "He has four children and eight grandchildren, who will all be eternally grateful."

For Julian - who attended over 100 Emergency 999 calls last year and rarely gets to hear what happens to his patients - that made it all worthwhile.