Supporting a new cyberbullying campaign

16 November 2017

Stop. Speak. Support

Today, His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge launched a new campaign against cyberbullying. As members of his cyberbullying Taskforce I’m pleased to announce that Virgin Media will be supporting this new initiative.

“Stop, Speak, Support” is a multimedia campaign which will encourage children and young people to take a stand when they witness bullying online. It’s specifically aimed at bystanders, rather than victims or perpetrators.

The campaign has been designed by the Royal Foundation Taskforce on Cyberbullying, working alongside young people, including those who have been directly affected by cyberbullying. It responds to feedback from young people who have said that the online arena is one part of their lives where they don’t feel rules and expectations are clear enough.

It encourages young people to take three simple steps to help stop this behaviour online: Stop. Speak. Support. The campaign’s ambition is that, when kids think about cyberbullying, they think of these three actions as naturally as they associate the Green Cross Code with road safety.

Through research commissioned by Internet Matters, the parental advice body that we founded in 2014, we know that one-in-four young people have suffered from online bullying, proving that there is a real need to make a difference to the lives of young people by supporting this kind of campaign.

We’ll be using our channels, from marketing to point-of-sale materials, to increase the reach of the campaign’s important messages. You can find out more about the campaign here on Internet Matters website.