Virgin Media top once more in Ofcom speeds report

24th March 2016

ViVid 200 has been confirmed as the UK's fastest broadband connection by Ofcom

Ofcom has published its latest UK fixed-line broadband performance report.

In response to report, Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Media, said:

“Unlucky for our rivals but lucky for our customers, for the 13th consecutive time Virgin Media is named by Ofcom as the fastest broadband network.

While our rivals’ speeds are slipping backwards, Virgin Media’s investment in better broadband is pushing UK connectivity forwards.”

Key facts:

  • For the 13th consecutive report, Virgin Media has been named as having the fastest download speeds in the UK
  • Virgin Media Vivid 200 and Vivid 100 have the fastest download speeds for services reported by Ofcom
  • The UK average download speed has increased from 22.8Mbps to 28.9Mbps
  • This has largely been driven by average cable speeds rising from 54.4Mbps (Nov 14) to 73.6Mbps
  • In 2015 Virgin Media increased top download speeds from 152Mbps to 200Mbps
  • The latest report is available here.