Virgin Media's VIP SIM is top of the tree this Christmas

23 December 2013

With a big trend in customers choosing to buy handsets separately from their SIM card, one question we get asked a lot is 'what's the best SIM only deal' for my new phone? We're pleased to say that for the past three months our very own VIP SIM has been the country’s number one SIM tariff, with its unlimited minutes, texts and data all for just £15 a month.

With its unlimited tariff, our VIP SIM is an ideal choice for even the chattiest and most data-hungry customers, so we’re delighted to hear our customers agree and have made it the UK’s best-selling tariff.

With Christmas just around the corner, many customers may still want to get everything in one bundle, and with the recent addition of the iPhone range to our range we’ve got something to suit everyone, whether you're browsing our stores or shopping online.

Some of our most popular devices are the Sony Xperia Z and Z1, which are flying off the shelves as fast as we can fill them! And since we introduced the iPhone 5S, 5C and 4S to our range of handsets in November, they’ve already rocketed up our list of top-sellers.

And hot off the press, as a special Xmas bonus for our loyal customers, we’ve just dropped the price of some of our tariffs, so if you’re a Virgin Media cable customer you can now get the iPhone 4S on our Classic tariff for just £19 a month with no upfront fee.  That’s the lowest UK price for an iPhone 4S on a pay monthly contract and comes with and 100 minutes, 250 texts, 250MB data, unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin mobiles and inclusive insurance.

We’ve also dropped the price of our other great tariffs for the iPhone 4S, so if you need more, we have more – right up to £32 a month with no up front fee for our VIP tariff, which comes with unlimited calls, texts and data including calls to 08 numbers.

So, with deals to suit everyone and a decidedly digital Christmas on the way, we suspect there will be more than just sleigh bells ringing this year.

However you decide to spend it, we wish you a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.