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Virgin TV’s V6 box manages the Masters of Entertainment

6th January 2017




At the end of last year, we unveiled the new Virgin TV line up, powered by our new Virgin TV V6 box. 

Our new box is 4K ready, ultrafast and loaded with brilliant new features and the role of our updated TV campaign is to bring these to life.

To kick off the New Year, we’re releasing a new version of our ‘Masters of Entertainment’ advert, which showcases our clever Virgin TV V6 box and focuses on specific capabilities that it brings.

The advert, which airs on 7 January 2017 in The Voice ad break on ITV, once again features a world where children are in control of TV technology, to the bewilderment of adults. 

However, the tables are soon turned thanks to the new box, which puts the grown-ups back in control with its easy-to-use and ultrafast features, which makes finding the TV you love, simple.

The ad demonstrates how we’ve made the new Virgin TV line-up with our customers in mind – that’s why recording clashes will become a thing of the past, as our new box lets you record six programmes, while streaming a seventh.

A different treatment of the ad, with another member of our Masters of Entertainment crew also shows how we’re giving our customers control over how they watch their favourite shows, as they can be effortlessly streamed to a tablet or mobile, anywhere in the home.

We are also launching a significant outdoor campaign across the UK.  These ads will comprise of five different executions to announce and hero the different functionality of the new Virgin TV V6 box. This creative will use illustrations to dramatise the features of the new box in a red hot Virgin TV manner focusing on recording six shows, streaming and speed and marks a different creative approach.

The campaign will run through January and February, across TV, social, Cinema, outdoor and VOD, continuing to tell the story and educate our customers about Virgin TV - it’s about letting our customers watch the telly they love, on their terms.

Kerris Bright is Virgin Media’s Chief Marketing Officer.