WATCH! Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhüttl hot under the collar after Schoolchildren takeover press conference

21 March 2019

  • Ralph Hasenhüttl was quizzed by youngsters in a unique press conference
  • He was pressed on his tactics, favourite players at the club, whether he could sing 'When The Saints Go Marching In’ and comparisons with Jürgen Klopp
  • Youngsters had a helping hand from first-team players Nathan Redmond and Jack Stephens
  • The VIDEO was part of Virgin Media’s new fans initiative ‘Super Saints’

Southampton manager, Ralph Hasenhüttl, had his most challenging press conference to date in charge of the club when he had to answer a range of questions from a room full of schoolchildren.

As part of Virgin Media’s new fans initiative, Super Saints, the club sponsor gave 21 lucky schoolchildren the opportunity to ask the manager anything they wanted. Anything.

What made matters worse for the Austrian, was that first team players Jack Stephens and Nathan Redmond were in on the act and were supplying two secret Saints – Chloe and Henry – with questions from a secret location.

Did Hasenhüttl copy Jürgen Klopp or did Klopp copy Hasenhüttl?

Chloe asked one of the most contentious questions of the day – put to her by Stephens – when she asked Hasenhüttl who copied who first: Liverpool manager Jürgen Kloppor Hasenhüttl himself?

This question was met with caution from the manager – and laughter from Stephens and Redmond – as he went on to explain: “When I first started as a manager I was looking around at what others were doing but, maybe now, others are copying me. I think it’s normal.”

Can Hasenhüttl sing 'When The Saints Go Marching In’?

The day started on a lighter note when Chloe kicked off proceedings by asking whether Hasenhüttl could sing 'When The Saints Go Marching In’ but, despite confirming he could, and being prompted to sing the iconic chant which drew a wry smile from the manager, he saved his vocal chords for another day.

What is Hasenhüttl’s tactical philosophy?

One of the children pressed the manager on his tactics and precisely what ‘skills’ he is trying to teach his squad. Hasenhüttl gave a detailed overview of his defensive and attacking approach but this was quickly lost on the children – as well as Redmond and Stephens – with their minds drifting elsewhere.

Which player complains the most?

Henry then stepped in and asked which first-team player complained the most but Hasenhüttl managed to dodge the question to the relief of Redmond and Stephens.

Chloe then jumped back in after Stephens prompted her to ask the manager why his answers were so long which was met with laughter from the boss who replied: “Are they? I like to give long answers.”

To conclude the press conference, Redmond asked Chloe to ask the Saints boss who he preferred out of the English pair. At this point, both of the players burst into the room to the surprise of Hasenhüttl who said: “Now I know what this has all been about!”

As a reward for their stellar questioning and investigative work, at the end of the press conference the schoolchildren received autographs from the players and manager and posed for photos.

Cilesta Van Doorn, Brand Director, from Virgin Media said: “With such passion and scrutiny in their questioning I’d say we have found ourselves some future sports journalists. Ralph was a fantastic sport and all of the children had an incredible time which is the most important thing. Giving Southampton fans these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities is what our Super Saints initiative is all about.”

As part of Super Saints, Virgin Media will be recognising Saints fans for their loyal and dedicated support with a range of competitions and money-can’t-buy giveaways as well as unique fan experiences and behind the scenes content.

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