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Is Virgin Media
equipment blocking


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Is Virgin Media
equipment blocking

If you feel our equipment is blocking your construction or building project, there are a number of things we can do to help.

We can:

Move, remove or relocate our (Apparatus type) to accommodate your construction

Ensure network is correctly handled during demolition

Survey and audit Virgin Media apparatus affected by your project, protect them while you’re doing the work and reinstate them when you’re done

Help with changing, moving and removing Virgin Media apparatus to enable roadworks, bridge works and local regeneration

Help with public transport infrastructure and additions and improvements to train, railway and cycle routes.

Before any works involving Virgin Media apparatus commence, we must agree a specification of works and provide a detailed estimate of costs. There are a few things we will need from you to allow that to happen.

  • Final Design with working drawings.
  • An outline of programmes which is inclusive of onsite construction window and any constraints on access to the works.
  • Contact details of project manager or site agent leading works.

Please note that without all this information, Virgin Media will be unable to provide an estimate. There may be a cost to preparing the estimate.


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with us about any of these things

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