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Transforming lives

Transform the lives of disadvantaged people in the UK and Ireland through digital technology.

We believe that digital technology can make life better for everyone. We’re starting with a focus on using digital technology to improve the lives of disabled people. In the UK, disabled people are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society and digital technology can be transformational to them; providing a voice, enabling people to live independently and unlocking access to education and work.

Working towards our goal will help us tackle some of the biggest challenges that prevent people from accessing and getting the best from the web. We’ll do this through our partnership with disability charity Scope and by delivering brilliant digital ideas, powered by technology and driven by people, to wherever they’re needed most. Working in partnership to transform the lives of thousands of disabled people and their families through the development of national projects and campaigns that have technology at their heart. It’ll also give all of our people the opportunity to get involved in a distinctive, emotive and purposeful national charity partnership.

Here are our performance highlights for 2015, the first year of our 2020 Transforming lives goal. If you are looking for information on what we’re focusing on for the remaining four years of the goal, take a look at our Goals roadmap

60 second update on our Transforming lives goal in 2015

Performance against our goal sub targets in 2015

Technology projects

2015 target – Launch two technology based projects with Scope to support 250 families through digitally connecting parents of disabled children by creating an online support platform and provide 1,500 disabled people with access to assistive technology such as environmental controls.

How we did – This target is to be completed over the two year period of our partnership with Scope and in 2015 we launched both projects. Our Connect Families project saw  Scope’s face-to-face support network developed for online launch in 2016. The other set up a Head of Assistive technology at Scope to ensure assistive tech reaches as many disabled children as possible through workshops - our aim is to reach 1,500 disabled people by July 2017 and we reached 216 in 2015. 

Regional ambassadors

2015 target – Create a network of Virgin Media employees as Digital for Good champions across the UK.

How we did - Nine Digital for Good Champions have been recruited across the UK with 25% of their day job dedicated to activating Scope and Virgin Media Pioneers activity across the UK. They meet face-to-face each quarter.

National charity partnership

2015 target - Launch a national two year charity partnership with Scope.

How we did – We launched the partnership in July 2015 with a corporate donation of £1m that funds three projects that have digital at their heart. The partnership was launched by a national roadshow that reached over 10,000 of our people and raised a further £60,000 for Scope in just one week. 

Take a look at our 2020 goals roadmap to find out what our focus is for 2016 and beyond for our Transforming lives goal.

“We want to use digital technology to transform lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Scope to create a distinctive national partnership to help unlock the potential of everyone living with a disability in the UK. Together we are harnessing the energy of our people, the power of our brand and all our digital know-how; to work towards the goal of taking away some of the barriers that can hold back disabled people", Brigitte Trafford, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer