How to pay when your card payment failed

Retry later today

Know you had enough in your account when your payment failed? Give it another go today or ask your bank what they suggest, as it sounds like the problem could be there.

Go cash, cheque or transfer

  • Do a bank transfer to The Virgin Media Payments Ltd
  • Pay in cash at your PayPoint, Post Office or bank and take your bill with you to scan your barcode
  • Write cheques to Virgin Media Payments Ltd, but please know they take a long time to get through the post

Had your TV, broadband or phone restricted? Here’s how soon, after your payment reaches your account, you can expect your service back to normal.

Clear a smaller chunk

Pay what you can towards your bill, one of the 3 ways mentioned above, if you can’t manage your full amount. You’ll see these payments listed on your next bill in your ‘Opening balance’ and, we’re sorry to say, a £7.50 late payment fee.

Having financial troubles? Talk to us about a potential payment plan and more advice – we’ll do our best and, if it needed, introduce you to more organisations that can help.

No message online or on the phone about all this? Your card payment probably wasn’t declined unless you hear something immediately – and even so, unless you’ve fallen into arrears, a failed card payment won’t affect your credit score.

More ways to get help

Checking your connection for issues

This could take up to 30 seconds