Behind the numbers in 2014: Logistics waste

6th July 2015

Maintain a zero waste to landfill logistics supply chain.

(NB: Logistics is defined as our internal supply chain operations, made up of a central distribution centre based in Wellingborough, our Big Red Shed, and the network of local distribution points - our 53 Little Red Sheds.)

How we did:
In 2014 we maintained our position of zero logistics waste to landfill in our supply chain and we increased our recycling rates of this waste from 82% to 88%.

The detail:
To maintain our position as a zero logistics waste to landfill business we continued to improve our processes in 2014 by simplifying how we sort waste. We did this by consolidating our waste streams whenever an environmental or commercial benefit wouldn’t be gained through sortation. This continues to be the result of lots of great work from various teams across our business.

In 2014, we reduced the number of waste receptacles at our Little Red Sheds by 33% (21 receptacles down to 14 receptacles) by consolidating certain waste streams, which saved technicians time and reduced contamination levels in the waste streams. To help things along, we also created clearer, more visual signs that helped technicians find the right bin for the right waste.

In addition, we’ve introduced a new process to help us recycle even more of our waste fibre optic cable, which was previously being sent to energy-from-waste plants. With our new partners and an improved sortation process we’re now recycling approximately 90% of this cable – during this process the cable is broken down into materials that can be used to create new products.

Find out more about our new operations goal here.

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