Behind the numbers in 2014: Our code of conduct

6th July 2015

Ensure 100% of (Procurement and Interconnect) suppliers are signed up to our Code of Conduct.

How we did:
By the end of 2014, 98% of Procurement and Interconnect suppliers had signed up to our Code of Conduct.

The detail:
In 2013 only 17% of interconnect suppliers had signed our Code of Conduct, so despite falling short of our target we consider this to be a significant improvement.

We’ve got suppliers all over the world who help create and deliver our products and services. This means managing lots of risks and opportunities, so it’s important we can see what’s going on right across our supply chain. By working in partnership with our suppliers, we can address these sustainability impacts and make sure they not only understand the principles of how we do things, but uphold the standards we expect of them.

Back in 2010 we developed our first supplier code of conduct, which was updated in 2014 to ensure it remained standard practice and aligned with Liberty Global’s supplier code of conduct. Our code outlines the minimum standards and principles we expect suppliers to achieve, and it’s the starting point for a more in depth conversation with our suppliers about sustainability issues.

Find out more about our new product goal here.

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