Digital skills for York

2nd September 2016

On Saturday 8 October, together with Freeformers and City of York Council, we will give 120 young people the tools, tutors and the opportunity to learn how to how to code.

Learning how to build an app is only one part of the process – it’s no good having an idea and building it if you can’t then talk about it and sell it. We’ll be helping this group of young digital enthusiasts to understand how to bring an app idea to life, know how to stay safe online and find out which social media sites they should be using to market their own skills and future career.

Upload York is open to anyone - no background knowledge is required so please share this sign up link with any young people you know who would like to join us: 

Our sustainability strategy is made up of two areas; growing responsibly and sustainably and doing more good with digital. Through events like Upload York we’re proving that we’re doing more good with digital and fulfilling our long term promise to make sure the power of connectivity benefits our customers and the communities we are part of.

Previous Upload Live attendees have gone on to create and launch their own successful apps or get digital and technology jobs despite not having any of the relevant skills before the day. We know that Upload York is going to inspire many more young people to do the same. Get those fingertips ready.

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