Making good things happen

31st July 2016

Today we’re publishing our annual online sustainability report, which shares how we’re progressing against our ‘5 in 5’ sustainability goals and what we are doing to address key issues like inclusion, digital skills and managing our carbon emissions.

As in previous years, we’ve put our people and digital technology at the heart of our approach. Our Virgin Media people feature in our human infographics and 60-second performance video to help bring to life our performance.

Click here to find out more about the approach we’ve taken this year to reporting, including what we believe is a world’s first - using 360° immersive video content for sustainability.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the last year:

Launching our two year partnership with Scope: Our partnership with our national charity partner has gone from strength to strength. To date, the combined total of employee fundraising and corporate donations to Scope has reached over £600,000. This is a game-changing amount of money for Scope and I’m lucky enough to understand first-hand the impact of the lives we are transforming. I couldn’t be prouder. Great progress has been made on the three projects that sit at the heart of the partnership – we’re focused on using digital technology to transform lives. Check out this short film to find out more about our transforming lives partnership:

Setting up our first Inclusion Circle: To drive progress across a range of diversity and inclusion projects we have created a group, sat on by senior leaders from across the business, to hold us to account and drive forward plans.

Growth and efficiency: We’re growing our business in a way that’s good for people and the environment. There are plenty of case studies from the last year that demonstrate this. For example, we’ve taken 2.3 million miles off the road by reducing truck rolls and another impressive stat is that we’ve increased the data on our network by 45% while reducing the co2e per terabyte of data by 35%.

Here's a snapshot of some of our performance in 2015. To see our performance in full, click here 

We’re pleased with the progress we are making, but there is always more to do. There are two areas in particular that we need to address:

Supporting local communities through our expansion: We want to make sure we are having a positive impact in the communities we are connecting to our network. Watch this space.

Fleet: It was a challenge to achieve our miles per gallon and average grams of co2/km. After seeing year on year improvements we firmly committed to continuing to bring down the average emissions of the car fleet and improve the miles per gallon in our vans.

Discover all the detail behind our performance in 2015 in our new sustainability website