Launching our Sustainability Squad Selector

09 July 2018

Every year we look to innovate and evolve the approach we take to communicating our annual sustainability performance update to ensure it is relevant to our stakeholders.

Our award-winning approach to reporting to date has focused on establishing a longer term strategy and engaging primarily with senior leadership and the teams that can really help us to deliver progress – but we’ve also had some fun along the way. Over the years, we’ve tried a scrolling interactive PDF, the world’s first 360 sustainability video and last year we sent our report viral across social media via people-led GIFs.

This year, we’ve once again gone beyond disclosure to evolving our reporting process to engage our entire workforce on our ‘5 in 5’ goals given we are at the half way point.

More than ever before, we need to get our people off the bench and into the game, providing them with the information and inspiration they need to help us reach our ambitious 2020 goals. To achieve our ‘plan to win’, in the second half (2018-2020), we are asking our people to join the squad. Everybody has a position to play in helping us grow our business in a way that’s good for people and the environment.

That’s why we have launched the Sustainability Squad Selector – a fun tool to help our people understand what position they play - ‘Fan’, ’Striker’, ‘Coach’ or ‘Captain’ – and listed out a tactics page that clearly outlines what they can do to support our plan to win. Click here to view.  

This year it’s not just about reporting  our performance but also about sharing our straight- up our learnings since we set our ambitious ‘5 in 5’ plan. We’re applying our learnings and establishing where we need to reset, refocus and reform our approach. And of course, we’ve brought back the hugely popular GIFs.

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