Virgin Media marathon runners support Scope

26 April 2017

Last Sunday a team of nine of us from Virgin Media pounded out 26.2 miles each for the London Marathon in support of Scope, our national charity partner. It was a huge effort from all of us and a big win for Scope – the nine of us together have fundraised over £19,900. And we’re still going.

Supportive spirit and positive energy

For many of us, including myself, it was the first time we’d ever run a marathon. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. Training started with very cold, dark and wet winter mornings. As the weeks and months went by the sun began to rise before the runs were over, the waist line began to slim and I was more comfortable with the significantly longer distances. From talking to the other Virgin Media participants, they experienced similar transformations.

Everyone says that the supportive spirit and positive energy surrounding the London Marathon is what carries participants through the race - and it’s absolutely true. I was blown away by both the energy of the supporters and the comradery racers showed each other. My stand out moments were hearing the crowd cheering my name – runners can have their name on their running top – the many high fives from young kids along the route and pushing through the pain barrier as my legs turned to lead.

Transforming the lives of disabled people

It wasn’t just the supporters and fellow racers’ cheers that got the nine of us from Virgin Media over the finish line. A big part of our determination came from knowing exactly how much our fundraising would mean to Scope and its beneficiaries. All of us are proud to be completely behind our national partnership with Scope and I know how much it transforms the lives of disabled people. Thank you to all who’ve donated so far. If you’d like to donate to our fundraising page, you still can here.

The big question is if we will hang up our running shoes for a well-deserved rest or if we will commence planning for the next ridiculous challenge…

Until then I’m planning to remain firmly on the couch.

Virgin Media and Scope are collaborating to develop life-changing digital ideas. Through our partnership with the disability charity, we’re using digital to transform the lives of disabled people and their families. Learn more about our work with Scope.