Virgin Media meets the Mindful Monsters

28 August 2019

Since 2015, the Scope and Virgin Media partnership has evolved beyond the traditional charity of the year model to a strategic alliance that delivers substantial joint programmes and is focused on driving a greater impact on the lives of disabled people. The support and engagement of Virgin Media people has been integral to the evolution of our partnership and will continue to be. One of the most significant ways in which they can support is by volunteering their time, skills and knowledge to the growth and development of core projects across Scope.

Earlier this month Scope welcomed 17 members of Virgin Media's Digital Serve and Retain team to our Here East offices to support our own Innovation and Engagement team with our award-winning Mindful Monsters product. The activity packs aim to create a learning environment for children to develop important life skills, whilst spending time with their families, carers and friends. We challenged the team to create actionable and cost-effective content strategies to drive customer engagement and retention for families with children aged from 0 to 12 months.

The team came with a huge amount of energy and imagination, submitting 136 individual ideas at the end of the day. These ideas are now being used to shape the content and strategy planning for Mindful Monsters. In addition the submissions have provided a direction for the redesign of the Mindful Monsters homepage alongside other updates to the website. Finally, a number of high priority and high impact changes were identified through the workshop and solutions for these are now being developed.

Both teams had a thoroughly enjoyable and a rewarding day; everyone rolled up their sleeves, pitched their ideas and got involved.

Watch the video below to see how they got on: